Hot Swatches for 2015!

Wedding Theme Colors for your Special Day.


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Last year marked a blossoming of wedding themed colors into several different hues, with couples choosing multi-colored combinations that were often sophisticated, often daring, mostly just splashy, happy fun.


It's anticipated that 2015 will follow a similar trend, although many couples will simplify at least somewhat.  Instead of five specific colors, for instance, 2015 couples are trending toward focusing in on three.


Remember, theme colors can be used in a variety of different ways during your festivities!  -Florals, apparel (for you, your attendants, guests and/or wedding vendors), invitation paper hues as well as ink, ceremony & reception décor, fabrics & linens, wrapping paper/gift bags, napkins, uplighting, favors, candy or dessert stations, wedding cake icing, signature beverages.


Below are some of the combinations expected to be popular next year.  Enjoy bringing flair and color to your own Special Celebration!




Sage & Hazelnut with Gold or Copper Accents


Royal Purple & Creamy Yellow, Lavender or Silver Accents


Champagne Blush, Navy & Ash Grey


Pink Champagne, Hazelnut Brown, Copper Accents


Maroon & Silver, this year with a splash of Lavender Highlights


Organic:  Bright Yellow, Raspberry & Teal... or Burnt Yellow, Amethyst and Sea Green


Beach-Theme:  Teal & Coral are still very popular, many are switching this year to Ashen Blue & Coral instead! 


Classic:  Red, Black & White... or Soft Pink, White and Chocolate


LGBT Pride: Rainbow Colors with spotlights on Green, Royal Purple & Rose Red


________ has been the trusted wedding resource for the LGBT community since 1999.  Along with the diverse services through their website, the company produces an ongoing national tour of LGBT Wedding Expos.  Additional wedding & parenting related articles are available through the site.


Author Marianne Puechl is the co-founder of RainbowWeddingNetwork.  Her recently published novel, The Locket, is available through her website:

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