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20+ Ways To Put Pride At The Centre Of Your LGBTIQ+ Wedding

Queerly beloved, we are gathered here today to marry with Pride.


If you, as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, are planning a wedding, one of the coolest things that you can do is show some Pride. If you don’t know where to begin, or need some inspiration, I've created a list of all the ways that you can inject some queer cheer into your future wedding.


Although I have used rainbow as a general term for LGBTIQ+ pride symbolism, you can also find all of these clothes, decorations, or food in the colors that represent your sexuality and/or gender identity. Remember, it’s your big day so feel free to make it exactly as pride-filled as you want; it’s not like anyone who you know well enough to invite is going to complain about it… well hopefully.


Note: This guide is designed for members of the LGBTIQ+ community to show Pride at their weddings but straight allies who wish to show support for LGBTIQ+ equality might want to incorporate numbers 14, 17, and 22.


Wedding Outfits

At any wedding, it’s generally expected that all eyes are on the happy couple, so if you really want to show some Pride, the best thing to do is to incorporate it into your wedding outfit.


I’ve separated your options into dresses and suits, so if you’re not wearing either, then maybe scroll down a few paragraphs.




1.      Rainbow Wedding Dress

Image from Stylish20170 on eBay


If you really want to go all out (and ditch the traditional white gown altogether), then you should pick a rainbow-colored dress. If you want to tone down the brightness, go for pastel shades .


2.      Rainbow Underskirt/Petticoat

Image from PorshesPlace on Etsy


If you don’t want to go quite that bold, why not choose a rainbow petticoat, instead? That way you still get the flash of the rainbow, while maintaining the traditional white dress.


3.      Rainbow Bridesmaid Dresses

Image from Flickr


If you want your wedding party to show some pride, consider dressing your bridesmaids in all the different colors of the rainbow (or the pastel varieties).



Not many people would be brave enough to wear a full-on rainbow suit – although they are definitely available –and so I’ve decided to focus on accessories that can accompany a more traditional outfit.


Bonus tip: If others in the wedding party are wearing suits, encourage them to choose one of these accessories to wear.


4.      Rainbow Bow Ties


Image from Bows4Pride Official Website


If you want to channel your inner Dr Who and rock a bow tie at your wedding, then these beauties from Bows4Pride are the ones to choose. All of the money raised from their sale will benefit three LGBTIQ+ charities across the USA, SAGE, the San Francisco LGBT Center, and Free2Luv.


5.      Rainbow Tie


Image from LightlySeasoned on Etsy


Alternatively, you can also the more traditional necktie.


6.      Rainbow Suspenders


Image from Costumes4You on eBay


If you’re wearing formal trousers, why not forego the belt in favor of some brightly colored suspenders?


7.      Rainbow Waistcoat



Image from top_formalwear-accessories on eBay


Rainbow waistcoats can be worn underneath a suit jacket for a flash of color, or on its own to really brighten up a room.


8.      Rainbow Pocket Squares


Image from Mrs Bowtie official site


This is great for showing a pop of pride- and also for attending to any tears of joy from you and your partner.




9.      Rainbow Lapel Pins


Images from Human Rights Campaign Official Shop


If you want to show pride but don’t want to make it a really huge part of your day, try these lapel pins from the Human Rights Campaign. They’re relatively small, and the money goes to a good cause.


10. Pride Converse


Images from Converse Official Website


These are perfect if you don’t like formal shoes, or you plan to dance the night away. They can be matched with both dresses and suits (or whatever else you plan to wear).

The best part is that all net proceeds from the Converse Pride collection goes to charities which aim to empower LGBTIQ+ youth, specifically the It Gets Better Project and The Happy Hippies Foundation. You’ll be looking good and doing good.


11. Equality Jewelry


Image from BurntSugarBoutique on Etsy


Want something simple that can be easily disguised during a themed wedding? Go for a necklace, cufflinks, earrings, or bracelets with the Equality Symbol or the Pink Triangle on it.


12. Rainbow Socks


Image from Human Rights Campaign Official Shop


The beauty of rainbow socks is that not everyone can see them so if you’d prefer to keep your pride under wraps, particularly if you’re bi, getting married to an opposite-sex partner, and you don’t want everyone in attendance to know about your sexuality.


Make Up

If you’re wearing makeup on your big day and you’d like to go a bit bolder with your choices, why not consider some of these options? As always with wedding make-up, it’s best to use brands that have staying power.  You’ll likely be wearing it for longer than normal, and have your photo taken a lot,  so the last thing you’ll want is smears or runs.


13. Rainbow Statement Eye


Image from Flickr


If you want your eyeshadow to really stand out, why not incorporate all the colors of the rainbow onto your eyelid?


14. Sign of Love/Equality Sign Face Paint



While this probably isn’t something that you’ll want to do for the whole day, contemplate having a small amount of face paint (perhaps near the photo booth) for the wedding party and guests to paint the equality sign or sign of love onto their faces. It’s a great way for them to show their support for equal marriage and LGBTIQ+ rights across the world.




15. Wedding Topper


Image from P2Topper on Etsy


One of the best ways to show pride is to have a same-sex wedding cake topper if you’re marrying a same-sex partner.


16. Rainbow Cakes


Image from Flickr


We’ve covered what goes on top of the cake, but what about the cake itself? Think about having a rainbow layer cake (especially if it’s under plain white icing and can be revealed when you cut the cake) or a rainbow cupcake pyramid.

Decorations and Atmosphere

17. Music


When looking for music to complement your special day, you can choose songs by LGBTIQ+ artists for your first dance or to walk down the aisle to. Think Tegan and Sara, Ally Hills, the Indigo Girls, or Chely Wright. Alternatively, if live music’s more your thing, hire a local LGBTIQ+ band or DJ.


Not only will you support queer artists, you’ll also provide your guests with great new songs to download.


18. Readings


Image from Pexels


Why not forego religious readings or even the typical Jane Austen verses for some alternative readings from queer writers like Emily Dickinson, Radclyffe Hall, or Audre Lorde?



19.  Equality Bunting


Image from the Human Rights Campaign Official Shop


You might choose to hang bunting above the wedding couple’s chairs, or attach it to the pews during the ceremony.

20. Two Brides Sign


Image from Imgur


It’s a cute rhyme that encourages family-style seating and shows that you are proud of your wife.



21. Invites


Image from Zazzle


Thankfully, LGBTIQ+ wedding invites are more easily available than in years past. When addressing wedding invitations, make sure to use the guest's preferred title (Mr, Ms, Mx, etc). If you’re unsure, ask.  Most people will prefer a polite phone call to confirm, rather than the wrong pronouns being printed on their invites.



In the past, wedding presents were designed to set the happy couple up in their new home. But if you already have table linens and fancy plates, why not ask for something a bit different?


22. Contributions to an LGBTIQ+ friendly honeymoon


Image from Wikipedia


As you probably already know, not everywhere in the world is LGBTIQ+ friendly, so if you want to go on a honeymoon, you need to choose an accepting location. You might want to have your guests chip in for excursions that you’d like to go on while there, or pay a small amount each towards the cost of the trip as a whole.


23. Charity donations

Image from Pexels


If you honestly don’t want any gifts from your guests, why not ask them to make donations to an LGBTIQ+ charity like Human Rights Campaign, the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, or the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice?


Those are my top tips for showing Pride on your special day, but it is by no means a comprehensive list. So, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Have you recently gotten engaged? What things do you plan to add into your wedding day? Have you already gotten married? What other suggestions do you have for hosting a fabulous pride-filled wedding? Let me know in the comments below.


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