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Feeling Social? Find Your Krew!

A new LGBTQ-inclusive app helps you network and find your girl gang!




You know the feeling: you've moved neighborhoods, maybe changed jobs, or perhaps you're single again—and you'd like to find a few cool friends to hang with who like the same activities you do. 


Maybe you're in a strange city for a convention and you have some downtime and want to know where the girls are. Or maybe your significant other is sick and can't run that marathon this weekend, can't do a boozy brunch aferwards, but you'd like to find some gal pals who can! Maybe there's a band that you want to see, a wine tasting course you'd like to do, a bellydancing workshop even...but where are the women who feel the same way about your latest passion? Where do you look without sounding desperate, stalkerish, or like you're on the make? Who can you turn to—especially when your friends are busy or curled up on the couch with their wives?


KREWR, that's who!


A brand new app created by LGBTQ ally Cynthia Gill puts the fun back into casual networking. Krewr says no to Facebook rants and to Craigslist pervs. Whoever you are, you can now find your soon-to-be favorite new people with Krewr, the new social app that helps you locate up to four like-minded pals in your area who are up for what you are.‚Äč


Newark native and attorney Cynthia Gill invented this app to help users form diverse “krews” for different interests. Using the app, they can select from a variety of social and athletic activities, forming multiple activity-based group networks.


“I included more than 50 activities on Krewr so there’s something for everyone—from physical activities such as biking, rock wall climbing, and skiing, as well as spectator ‘krews’ for just sitting back and watching the game—to interactive cultural activities such as wine tasting and cooking classes. I created Krewr to give every user the opportunity to find new friends in an activity-based, social environment,” says Gill.


Best of all, you can select your krew by personalizing your options, for example, selecting LGBTQ or gender krew options.


Krewr is not about dating or hookups. Krewr is about expanding your universe to fit you.


Krewr is launching in ten cities including neighborhoods like New York City’s West Village, Koreatown in Los Angeles, Five Points in Atlanta, East Sixth in Austin, as well as the Mission District in San Francisco, and the city of Hoboken, NJ.


Krewr has declared 6:30 PM on November 9, 2017 “Nationwide Cocktail Hour”! Download Krewr and you could win $100 in Krewr’s NATIONWIDE COCKTAIL HOUR™ sweepstakes. To enter tweet #KrewrNCH to @KrewrApp with a screenshot of your “GRAB COCKTAIL/DRINKS” Krew scheduled for November 9, 2017 at 6:30 PM in one of our launch locations, now until 11/16/17 at 11:59 PM (PST). See Official Rules: https://getkrewr.com/official-sweepstakes-rules/

Get to work. Go get your Krew. http://www.getkrewr.com




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