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Queer Artist Creates The Mic Is Open for Emerging Performers

Dabriel Fulton provides a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ artists to perform.


Image: Mic Is Open

In honor of National Poetry Month, New York City’s leading talent showcase, The Mic Is Open, will host “Pancakes & Poetry,” at The Mic Is Open Gallery, with a portion of its ticket sales donated to the Urban Arts Partnership. 


“The Mic Is Open” is an LGBTQ-inclusive monthly talent showcase with pop-ups in Atlanta, Baltimore and LA that provides a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent. Rapper Mocha Bands from FOX's hit show Star was crowned as February's grand prize winner.


The Mic Is Open founder, Dabriel Fulton is a spoken word poet who struggled with stage fright in her early days. She created The Mic is Open as an inclusive “safe space” for underground poets, singers, rappers and comedians to express their work with full audience participation and support.


The Mic Is Open founder, Dabriel Fulton.  Photo by Jaye Sant


"The Mic Is Open was born because, truthfully, I wanted to create a platform for people like me—artists, poets, musicians—to be able to come together in unity and express themselves,” says Fulton. “We always make sure that The Mic Is Open is somewhere anyone could feel comfortable with sharing the truth of who they are."


Fulton says "in divisive times, art is more essential than ever as it shows us how we are all connected."


The “Pancakes & Poetry” lineup includes:

Olivia Hall (Spoken Word Poet)

Francesca Duncan (Singer)

Kid Lit (Singer)

Derrick Hayes (Spoken Word Poet)

Kiet Tai Cao (Spoken Word Poet)

Nadirah Shakur (Rapper)


April 21, 2018

The Mic Is Open Gallery
38 West 39th, 3rdfloor, NY.




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