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The Colors of Stockholm Pride


Andre Landeros Michel

Images from the Stockholm Pride Parade on Saturday August 2nd show just how open, tolerant, diverse and joyful Sweden's capital is. With 153 teams and floats joining the parade, and a record-breaking crowd of 600,000 people on the streets basking in sunshine and glorious summer temperatures in the 90s, this year’s parade was more political with the first time ever Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt walking in the parade along with several high profile politicians and their respective parties. 

LGBT sports were also represented with Stockholm’s soccer and hockey team AIK and Kiruna IF (the first LGBT-certified hockey team) giving a face to Pride in athleticism. Next year Stockholm is hosting Eurogames in conjunction with Stockholm Pride with the support of Stockholm Gay&Lesbian Network.  

As temperatures rose, so did the feeling of acceptance. #outinstockholm had just bid farewell to more than 2000 Atlantis cruise passengers in the days prior to the parade, and the general ambience in the Swedish city was that of love and acceptance of LGBT travelers from anywhere in the world. 

For more info go to: stockholmpride.org


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