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Free Event To Celebrate a Summer of Music and Movement Education for Babies and Toddlers

Come on by! Bring a bathing suit and towel for sprinkler fun!!


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Friday 6/22 Lady B., the teacher and creator of the exciting and wildly popular class, Lavender Blues, invites Brooklyn babies and toddlers to come celebrate the beginning of summer at Tot Town with their adult. This event will be free! Lavender Blues is an interactive music class that takes place in Brooklyn, NY and focuses on early learning through music and movement. This program is a dynamic format that helps babies at birth begin to develop their brains through rhythm and repetition. Music is a universal language and an excellent educational tool which is the main reason Lavender Blues decided to base its learning around music.


Using traditional sing-a-long folk songs, nursery rhymes and a few Lavender Blues originals Lady B. has created a curriculum that is one of a kind. Many people rely on baby Einstein and classical music for early education which has its advantages but the biggest difference between Lavender Blues and everything else is Lady B. Lady B. has a tremendous gift when it comes to engaging with children. Some consider her to be the “Baby Whisperer." Her positive energy and melodic voice captivates the children during every class as they mimic her movements and learn the words to every song. Having a teacher who grabs the children’s attention is critical. Lady B. brings the humanistic element that children need such as early educators Mr. Rodgers and Raffi. This is a component that has been overlooked as cartoons have taken over the ranks of early education in recent memory. Its time to get back to basics and that includes repetition. Repetition is a very important part of the early education process and Lady B. created her format in a way so that each class is the same and the children can remember what’s happening from one class to the next, become confident and build their muscle memory. 


Most children’s curriculum doesn’t consider the parents and caregivers but Lavender Blues does! Lady B. wanted her program to be engaging and entertaining for the adults to sing, play along and have fun while providing reaction and reinforcement for their child. Milestones are conquered every day in Lavender Blues; from rolling over for the first time, sitting up, saying first words, taking first steps and following directions. These are all small details that are vital in the early learning stages from ages 0-3 and indicators that parents yearn to see in their children’s development along with other things such as knowing their letters, numbers, identifying animals and objects. These make everlasting imprints on their minds while they are also forming their social skills merely observing other children and subconsciously being encouraged by their baby peers. Children being able to see and watch other babies follow the curriculum is an impactful stimulator in their early development. You can also bring Lavender Blues home to your living room with Lavender Blues TV available on Youtube.


Babies need Lavender Blues, Toddlers need Lavender Blues, Parents need Lavender Blues.


A fun, free, outdoor summer launch party for toddlers and babies with live music from Lady B (Alex), and movement and music instruction for families.

Tot Town, 636 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Friday June 22, 4-6pm


Find Lavender Blues on:

Lavender Blues Official Website




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