Pieces: She is in love

So much for in like a lion and out like a lamb with Mars in retrograde this March.


Pisces (Feb. 20–March 20)


Guppies ache for a faithful relationship. She is in love with love and can’t wait to find a lovergrrl with whom to share her dreams of blissful happiness. She loves children and avidly seeks a partnership with a like-minded woman. If you settle in with a sapphic Pisces, expect the pitter-patter of little feet within the first two years, and I don’t mean cats! Her naive optimism in relationships is often put to the test and, as much as she desires a forever, she is a mutable sign who knows when forever simply means for the time being.


Pisces (Feb. 20–March 20)

You are too hot to handle this March. Your love life is rife with incredible sex, jealousy and passion. It is a rollercoaster full of hair-raising dips and circles. Some Guppies like it that way but others see the value in quiet, behind the scenes maneuvering and massaging, slow and steady.


Aries (March 21–April 20)

Are lovergrrls starting to get on your nerves? Are you finding more comfort in your platonic relationships? You are tempted to make a dramatic and life-altering decision as your stress builds. But don’t do anything too extreme, Aries. There is no reason to throw out your baby with her dirty bath water, especially when a dirty bath for two can calm any turgid whirlpool.


Taurus (April 21–May 21)

If work is piling up so much so that you feel that it can bury you, take a breather and ask for help. Maybe you need someone to work under you? Taureans can be very charming to the corporate powerbrokers and find ways to polishing the apple where it does not seem obvious. The politics will go your way. 


Gemini (May 22–June 21)

Fun and travel mix up into a potent concoction this March. See where things lead in any creative or exotic enterprise. Expand your horizons with a last minute vacation or, if time and money are tight, try things that you have never tried before that are a little closer to home. Adventuresome Twins can get into mischief.


Cancer (June 22–July 23)

What is it about certain relatives that make them so nosey about your personal business? Reveal what you want to reveal and no more this March. Be polite with them but be firm about your privacy. The rest will be grist for the gossip mill. So try to keep your personal peccadillos out of the general conversation.


Leo (July 24–Aug. 23)

Lionesses are tempted to roar their opinions to anyone and everyone this March but there are some things that are better left unsaid. Instead of complaining, try to look at the sunny side of life, especially with your most treasured relationships. Don’t scuttle the Love Boat just because it creaks sometimes. You may find that rubbing hot oil works better than splashing cold water.


Virgo (Aug. 24–Sept. 23)

Hold onto your dough this March and watch it rise through the spring. You work far too hard for too long to waste it on gaudy trinkets, no matter how sexy and attractive they seem to be. Focus on investments and savings. Virgins with an urge to splurge should remember to save a little something for a rainy day.


Libra (Sept. 24–Oct. 23)

You burst on the scene like a supernova, Libra. Will you have staying power or will you be just a flash in her pants? It may not make a difference to you this March because you are having so much fun doing what you are doing. Go on, have fun and party hearty but try to rein in your more “exotic” moves when you are hobnobbing with the nobs, lest your own knobs get singed.


Scorpio (Oct. 24–Nov. 22)

There are bundles of “wilde” energy going on behind the scenes. It shakes up your landscape and charges you up. But no matter how much your intuition says “Yes! Yes! Yes!” try to be non-committal until you see how the games play out. Even tiny actions have a huge impact. It is OK to move mountains as long as you know where you are going to place them.


Sagittarius (Nov. 23–Dec. 22)

Gal pals want to get into your business but you need to know where to draw the line. Thankfully Sagittarians seem to have the gift of gab this March and can turn on their sweet spigot to let their honey flow. You wow the masses. Now you need to figure out how to make good use of this supportive energy.


Capricorn (Dec. 23–Jan. 20)

If you are angling for a raise or a promotion, you can ask for it this March. Capricorns are bursting with charm and charisma and are ready to spread their oil on any hot plate. Of course the more you get from bosses, the harder they expect you to work. Are you up for the challenge? If so, go and grab. If not, butter and prime your powerbrokers now and wait until the summer to BBQ.


Aquarius (Jan. 21–Feb. 19)

Aqueerians have the world on a string this March as ladies from all over the world gravitate into your orbit. Will your global outreach bring you love? Will it bring you influence? Will it help you propel your long hoped for goals into the stratosphere? Anything is possible. But you have to take careful, calculated action to make it happen.









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