Interactive Tablet Version

Offering interactive marketing opportunities, this evolving trend has become an inspiration for others, brought to life with clever art direction and great visuals.


Our Interactive Product was released on January 16, 2013.
We use audio & video overlays, allowing readers to read music & film reviews, listen to samples of songs & view movies, and immediately make a purchase on the iTunes Store, Google Play or Amazon.
In addition, each issue can expand its photography portfolio using the slideshow feature.
Curve Magazine endeavours to stay on the cutting edge of technology and provide bold and engaging content for our audience. Our growing audience is captivated by engaging stories that extend beyond the printed page, told through video, animation, and interactive 360 degree views.
  Full Page Ads
1 Issue         (4 x your Advert per issue)  $2000
3 Issues       (6 x your Advert  per issue)  $1666 per issue or $5000 total 
6 Issues       (8 x your Advert per issue)  $1333 per issue or $8000 total
8 Issues       (10 x your Advert per issue)  $1250 per issue or $10000 total





The artwork can be supplied as a pdf  - but needs to be supplied in 2 shapes for each platform (for rotating affect) 

Full Page Advert  horizontal vertical
iPad 1024 x 768px 769 x 1024px
Androit 1280 x 800px 800 x 1280px
Kindle Fire 1024 x 600px 600 x 1024px


Curve Tablet  Readership
iPad:         3000+
Android:  1000+
Kindle:      4000+
TOTAL 8 000+
with an 30+% increase per month.

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