Hair Today: What's New For Spring

Lesbian stylist Lindsay Hall pinpoints hair trends for the season.


Lindsay Hall

Tom Hardcastle, owner of Delilah Hair Salon in the celebrity-laden hamlet of Ojai, a Hollywood “bedroom community,” says there are definitely new trends in hair, as seen this winter and anticipated for spring. “Think Jennifer Lawrence,” he begins. “The standout style is the ‘crop/pixie’ which is gaining in the popular mainstream.”
Lindsay Hall, whose four-year-old Baltimore salon, Flaunt, was recently contacted to style for Wilson Phillips on location, agrees. “Whatever is on the red carpet,” she says, “popular music artists, and particular celebrities, makes a huge impact on what hair trends are happening in the salon. We are still getting a lot of Miley Cyrus/ Jennifer Lawrence cropped shorter cuts and Justin Timberlake or Macklemore hair for guys.” 
Regarding color, Tom, who opened Delilah ten years ago, says he’s seeing a return to the more natural. “Blondes are heading towards ash, while other colors gravitate towards warmth and red.” He adds that, the “ombré” look is on the way out, being replaced by a new ‘edgier’ trend. “The edgier crowd is wearing panels of color rather than streaks,” he explains On the East Coast, Lindsay says there is still a more subtle ombré, but adds, “I see a lot of natural painted-on highlights (balayage) or looks with blended dimension that are very popular. 
Metallic color is awesome!” Currently, she’s doing the retro look too. “I'm seeing a big wave of 90's hair coming. From grungy pastel fantasy colored hair to French braids. For women, I see a lot of blunt mid length styles with lots of texture. Short hair is still very in and longer mid length hair as well. I would say hair is worn mostly down depending on the length and look trying to be achieved.” 
Regarding length, Tom says it’s varied. “But texture is more natural, softer lengths within designs.” He adds that a return to natural seems to be a trend in itself. “Natural curl makes a comeback with special curl enhancing products. It’s not your mom’s crunchy 80's curl.” He’s also doing up off the face styles in ponytails or twists. He adds, “Bangs are making a comeback, too--soft and sideswept. Bangs set the trend for 2014.” 
Lindsay concurs. “Bangs are one of the best ways to update or change your look. Natural and thermally created. Bangs 100%.” 
There are other new looks for brides as well. “Brides are also choosing a softer, 70's-type style,” Tom says. “Twisted, sides, looser almost undone, using braids incorporated to bring hair up. With the braids and ‘wide’ volume, rather than height, simple lines and loose large wave. 
Flowers are the accessory to look for in an up-do for 2014.”
Lindsay says, “Bridal hair now seems more casual. I see one of two things. One, the bride is in a loose but formal up-do and the bridesmaids are wearing their hair down or it's the opposite. I am always doing a ton of volume and making the hair bigger than life for brides’ up-dos. Even if the hair is being styled down, there is always volume." She adds that the classic long veil remains popular, and also the birdcage veil.
Regarding bridesmaids, Lindsay says they now choose individual styles. “Before, I think the bride would tell everyone to get an up-do but now it's up to the person.” She says retro hairstyles are always in for bridesmaids. “A Classic French Twist or a Chignon never gets old, in my opinion. My favorite thing to do is put a vintage rhinestone brooch in a messier style for one or two of the bridesmaids.” 
Tom explains the new styles for men also. “Hair shows length through the top, but a high tight back and sides. A bit of an 80's redux.” 
Lindsay is doing longer tops also. “For guys, the slick side part is moving out and into a more lengthy textured style on top is in. A very tight fade on the sides and a long textured cut on top, which can be worn multiple ways.” She adds that undercuts are very popular, as is color. “A lot of blending grey on the sides or bumping the hair at the shampoo bowl for five minutes to brighten it up. I see everything from dark brown grey coverage to painted-on lighter pieces.” 
Whatever style is selected, “product,” is in order, with new trends there too. “Products are looking to exotic oils for nourishment and styling,” Tom explains, “such as argon oil and a variety of blends, oil-based shampoos to keep hair soft during the dryness of winter. Oil replaces silicone as the ‘must have’ ingredient.” Among his popular products is the Osis+ Magic gloss, and the Joico K-Pak Split End Mender. 
J. Beverly Hills is one of Lindsay’s favorites. “His latest product is part of his Platinum line that uses all luxury ingredients for women including shampoo and conditioners to dry shampoo and coconut Revive Oil. We also most always finish the bridal styles with his anti- humectant shine spray to block out moisture in the air and keep their styles looking glossy all day through the wedding.” She also uses Kevin Murphy, natural and animal-cruelty free. 
 “Overall,” Tom concludes, styling cues are following the styling of clothes and interior with a definite nod to the early 70's.” And, Lindsay adds one more trend, the blow-out (shampoo, blow dry, and style). “It’s a very big trend.” 

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