Win A Set of the Rainey Bell Thriller Series by R.E. Bradshaw

The second in the series, Rainey Nights, was a Lambda Literary Finalist. The third in the series, The Rainey Season, has been submitted for consideration in the upcoming award season. The fourth installment is due out in April 2014


About the Author:

R. E. Bradshaw, a native of North Carolina and a proud Tar Heel, now makes her home in Oklahoma with her wife of 25 years. Holding a Master of Performing Arts degree, Bradshaw worked in professional theatre, in addition to teaching university and high school classes. Leaving both professions to write full-time in 2010, Bradshaw is a two-time Lambda Literary Award finalist in Mystery for her novels Rainey Nights and Molly: House on Fire. Her novel, Out on the Panhandle, was recently named first runner-up in the Rainbow Awards for Best Lesbian Novel of 2013.


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The Rainey Bell Thriller Series

by R. E. Bradshaw


Book #1 – Rainey Days, (2010)

Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year, after a horrific attack left her scarred both inside and out. She drinks too much and hasn't had a good night's sleep in months. On a hung-over morning, in June, a request for help from an old friend plunges Rainey back into the world of stalkers, rapist, and serial killers. The next thirteen days will change Rainey's life forever, if she survives. On top of all that, the woman she is supposed to protect brings out feelings Rainey didn't know she had. Thrown together by a bizarre series of events, they learn to depend on each other for survival.


Book #2 – Rainey Nights, (2011) Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Mystery 

Women are missing and dying in the Triangle area of North Carolina. One woman holds the key to why.

With the conclusion of the Y-Man murders nine months ago and her resignation from the FBI, Former Special Agent and Behavioral Analyst, Rainey Bell has finally found peace and contentment she never thought possible, even if she remains a bit paranoid. Her wariness is well-founded and justified when a monster from her past rears his demonic head.

Rainey has faced death and evil before—alone. Now, it’s different. She has a family to protect, her own. Only Rainey can keep them alive. Or can she?

As one reviewer said, "Don’t assume you know how this story will end."


Short Story – Rainey’s Christmas Miracle (2011) E-book only. 

As a holiday gift in 2011, author R. E. Bradshaw gave fans of the Rainey Bell Thriller series this sweet short story.


Book #3 – The Rainey Season (2013) 

Finalist for 2013 Rainbow Awards Best Lesbian Mystery/Thriller

Former FBI behavioral analyst Rainey Bell has settled into her life as a wife and mother with Katie Myers and the triplets. Consulting and private investigative work occupy the time not taken up with the one-year-olds crawling around her ankles. As always, her eye is on the security of her family, because Rainey knows evil is out there and that it is probably watching her. Rainey may be paranoid, but she’s generally right. If it feels wrong, it usually is.

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