Watch: Our Interview with the Creator of Lez Build a Family

If you missed your live video interview with the creator of lesbian web series Lez Build a Family, you can watch it right here.


Curve social media intern Rolanda Powell-Rickert recently hosted a live video interview with Maya Jean Baptiste, the creator of lesbian web series Lez Build a Family.

Lez Build a Family is a resource for lesbian moms and queer women who are thinking about starting a family that offers a fresh perspective on co-parenting, adoption, medically assisted reproduction and more. This show also covers the realities of homophobia, taboos and the myths of conception and the psychological effects on children.

In our interview with Baptiste she shared with us how she changed her stance from once being against LGBT parenting to becoming the creator of this docureality. If you missed our live interview, you can watch it right here. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on our live video interviews, video blogs and event coverage.

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