Stockholm Pride in Pictures

Sweden's LGBT community come together to celebrate with freedom and fun.


All Photos by Andre Landeros Michel

Stockholm has always been a popular destination for LGBT travelers from around the world, and especially this year as Russia continues to freeze out and persecute gays and lesbians. Stockholm Pride, the largest Pride Festival in Scandinavia, encourages LGBT revelers to express themselves freely and with fun.

For nearly a decade, the City of Stockholm, through Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network, under the dedicated leadership of Christina Guggenberger, has worked hard to attract LGBT travelers to Stockholm. The city, with its rich culture, history and vibrant, diverse lesbian scene continues to further the image of Sweden as a liberated country that stands up for human rights. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has also taken this stand, condemning the Russian change in the law that prohibits so-called "homosexual propaganda" and has led to an outbreak of violence against LGBT citizens and visitors in Russia.

This year, Stockholm Pride, with its “” campaign was held over July 30 to August 3, and was an opportunity to send a message to the world that Sweden remains an open and welcoming place.

“We cannot stand silent and watch while a Pride festival becomes an illegal act and can’t be implemented in Russia. Pride is an important symbol of the freedom to love anyone. We urge anyone who has a voice to show LGBTQ people in Russia there are many people in Sweden who join their fight,” says Peter Rimsby, president of Stockholm Pride. The Pride Parade attracts 540,000 spectators and the Pride Festival attracts 50,000 participants who view the event as a time to highlight LGBT issues and create a celebratory sanctuary for gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.

Parties for queer women are enjoyed regularly all over Stockholm, attracting women of different ages, styles, and diverse cultural backgrounds. One of the largest and most popular clubs is Moxy, where gorgeous women dance and party into the night to celebrate their identities throughout the year and especially during Pride. (

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