Reviewed: LIPS, Season Two

This lesbian web series is over the top, bold and weird, and we love it.

Reviewed: LIPS, Season Two

If you haven't heard of Flo Vinger, you should. She's hilarious. She's also an award winning writer, director, actor, editor and musician. If you've heard of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Big Brother and Fear Factor, then you've heard of some of the shows that she has edited. Vinger also produces, directs, writes, edits and stars in LIPS, a lesbian web series that follows an impassioned, confident and semi-delusional lesbian rocker, London, who refuses to give up on the dream of her band becoming famous (for the attention and the pussy). Season one chronicles their tried-ascent to fame with the help of their manager, a barista, who gets them odd-ball gigs, like playing at a Jewish ceremony of circumcision, and with the help of their friend, Bubba, who follows them around with a camera with the idea that a behind-the-scenes documentary will bring them fame.

Season two, a cross between popular Primetime shows The Mindy Project and How I Met Your Mother, opens up with Bubba promoting auditions for the band, London and The Tangent Queens. They don't play for circumcision ceremonies in season two, but they do grab hot gigs, like the wake of their former band manager. Season two brings the show to a whole new level of crazy, but pulls it off, and with the help of cameos made by Sheetal Sheth (I Can't Think Straight), Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect), Elaine Hendrix (The Parent Trap), Debra Wilson (MADtv) and Christine Lakin (Step by Step).

LIPS Season Two Special Guest Cast

Season two also explores the thread of London's intimacy issues, and who better to explore them with than Sheth's character, Rosauauda, a.k.a, Rosie? The chemistry between London and Rosie is flaming hot. We believe it has something to do with Sheth’s eyes—or maybe Vinger’s lips, and yes—we were looking!

LIPS Season 2 Flo Vinger and Sheetal Sheth Ep 5

As far as performances go, all actors were on their game. Lee, Bubba's insane girlfriend, Endora, couldn't have been any more different from the mouse-quiet character she played in Pitch Perfect, and we loved it.

Overall, this show is not afraid to get weird. The performances are bold, the cast is clever and the acting is downright “realistic.” If you are a fan of reality-television or parodies, then LIPS will tickle your fancy. Visit flovinger.com to watch seasons one and two (www.flovinger.com/lips).

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