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Watch: New Trailer for the Teen-Lesbian-Werewolf Film Jack and Diane

Riley Keough and Juno Temple star in this supernatural-themed love story.

A new film about two New York City teenagers falling in love, while the other is desperately seeking to understand why her body is suddenly changing—inevitably transforming her into a werewolf? We're already waiting in line. Jack and Diane stars Riley Keough (granddaughter to the late Elvis Presley) and Juno Temple. Riley plays Diane, who is grappling with the news that her lover, Jack (Temple), is moving away. Suddenly, her emotions take a violent turn, and she is faced with a transition she never expected, nor knew existed.

Expect to see a big cameo from pop icon Kyle Minogue, of which the soundtrack relies on for new Minogue tunes. The film is written and directed by Bradley Rust Gray and is expected to be released in the beginning of November 2012. (