Jillian’s Joulebody Detox

In the spirit of starting 2012 off right, Curve's associate editor takes on a detox challenge.


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I woke up feeling good and not hungry. I drank the recommended lukewarm water with lemon while I read the paper. Usually I would be doing this with coffee or tea. Reading the paper with hot water with lemon made me feel like I was home sick with the flu.


Jouleraw Juice day two. It’s a large juice. I was skeptical about the seperation but I gave it a shake and sipped it down. It tasted very fresh. There isn't an ingredients list on the bottle which annoys me because I want to be able to make it at home after I finish my detox.


My morning at work was really busy so I didn’t even notice I was hungry until I noticed it was lunch time. I've totally got this detox thing down. Lunch is a Japanses Cleanse Salad with yam, spinach, adzuki, lentil and kale. The salad tasted very healthy and I googled yams because I thought they were in the nightshade family, which is forbidden on the detox because nightshade plants cause swelling in the body (tomatoes, potatoes, etc). Turns out Japanese yams are actually not in the nightshade family. Yum.


A second grassy juice. As I'm still busy working I haven't thoght too much about food. I am, however, craving yoga in a weird way.


Starving. There’s a happy hour at an adorable wine bar two blocks away from my apartment and my friends have gone there to have a cheese plate and drink red wine. I desperately want to join but instead go home feeling dejected. Instead of drinking wine and hanging out I clean my apartment while drinking my citrus juice. Even though I'm slotted in to eat at 7pm, I make a huge salad with arugula, beets, grapefruit and avocado with a dressing of mustard seed and balsamic vinegar. This salad isn’t a huge departure from the salads of my normal life, though in normal life I would’ve added grilled chicken, feta, cherry tomatoes (nightshade alert!), and pine nuts.

While eating my salad I remember I’m supposed to go on a dinner date tomorrow. It's a first date with this very cute girl I met outside a restaurant in Greenwich Village. I call her and let her know I am detoxing so I can only hang out if we drink hot water with lemon or eat spinach out of the bag together. She suggests a tea at Caravan of Dreams, a joint in my neighborhood that serves up vegan cuisine. Half of the menu is raw. Cute girl gets brownie points for being awesome.


It's a beets, brown rice and kale salad for dinner. Delicious. It almost feels like a real meal. My caffeine headache is back. I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I'm feeling unfocused, irritated and irrationally hungry. All I want to do is sleep and wake up to food. I could murder a burrito right now. A huge burrito, like the ones they sell from the trucks in California, the ones that are as big as your forearm. The first thing I'm making when I'm back from my detox is a breakfast burrito.

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