British Invasion: Banging Threads!

U.K. Lesbian fashionista duo Stella and Lucy share the behind the scenes of their photoshoot with Banging Threads.


Hey America,

Our British fashion flavor is featured in this month's Music Issue and now we're invading your computer screens. We just can't give you enough! 

We are always thinking of original ways to project positive messages about being a lesbian. Combine that with fashion and bang, we conceived the Banging Threads label. We are giving you an exclusive look!

The collection was designed by creatives for creatives, a collaborative label with Alex Field. We are, of course, all lesbians and we have all struggled in some shape or form. I mean, who hasn't got a story to tell? This label is a way of not only forming an equality line but bringing our community together with fashion. What better way to express who you are, and what better way to fight discrimination?

Banging Threads sews some very interesting phrases together, and you won't be disappointed! A mixed bag so there is something for everyone, the message always focuses on power!

This video was of our latest shoot on a beach in the U.K. Lucky for us there was no rain! It's a great way  for our label to shine, doing what we do best—posing. Oh, wait—that's just me! Lucy is clearly not a poser (ahem) no, just Vogueing all day in her Westwoods!

So Curve readers, enjoy the exclusive promo video and thank you for all the support! 

Remember: Why be normal when you can be happy? 

Until next time,
Stella and Lucy xx 



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