This is What a Lesbian Looks LIke: Nai'a Rae Fox

Former teacher turned lava heart photographer, dolphin playmate and self-professed beach bum, Nai'a Rae Fox aka Super dyke shares her adventurous life in Hawaii.


Former teacher turned lava heart photographer, dolphin playmate and self-professed beach bum, Nai’a Rae Fox aka Super Dyke shares her adventure and nature-filled life in Hawaii.

On dolphins: The first moment that a dolphin came up to me and looked me in the eye I felt more euphoric, more spiritual, more grounded, more orgasmic, more than anything I’ve ever done in my life. So…I got on a plane and moved here.

On a near shark attack: All of a sudden, out of nowhere, this shark came—and it was a big shark. It was looking like it was having an epileptic fit and people have told me that when a shark acts like that it’s in a frenzy and wants to feed and I was like, Oh fucking great. But then three dolphins I had played with the day before must have sensed the problem and they went at that shark and jabbed at it from all different sides…and that shark just took off.

On Super Dog: I have the most amazing super dog in the world that does anything and everything…we wear super dog and super dyke capes that I made and she rides the motorcycle with me. She wears the sunglasses, too…wears them while she’s playing Frisbee, while she’s playing ball. She has a little matching bandana and she goes everywhere with me.

On discovering lava hearts: I was sad and suicidal and living in a tent…and I found all the heart shapes. The lava would be blowing up 100 feet over my head and the ground is rockin’ and rollin’ and the heat is so unbearable that I can't even set down my tripod…and I find hearts and I’m like, Oh my god. Well somebody somewhere must love me.

On her inspiration: My mom has been the most loving woman and supportive mother as far as my being gay. When I moved here she would say, “Take a picture and send it to me” because she wanted to feel like she was still part of my life and didn’t want to feel like she was missing out. That’s actually the whole reason I started taking pictures. My mom is my world, she’s 85 and she’s my best friend and my inspiration. (


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