Daily Gaydar: Lindsay Lohan Unveils Her NOH8 Photos and Hillary Clinton Weighs in on Marriage Equality

Plus, Tara goes gay on True Blood, geektastic bling for your boobies, a trailer for Brave and rumor has it gay bars are disappearing.


Photo: Adam Bouska

After teasing us on Twitter, Lindsay Lohan’s NoH8 photos are finally up. What do you think of them? We say: Smokin' hot and an excellent use of her time on house arrest. [AfterEllen]



Hillary Clinton came out in support of pride month in a State Department speech to members of the Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies group. She said that the senate vote in New York "gives such visibility and credibility to everything that so many of you have done over so many years." Clinton, once the senator of New York, went on to say, "I look out at this audience, and I see a lot of familiar faces, of people who have been on the front lines for many years and have worked so diligently and smartly for the progress that we are seeing." Ok Hilary when are you running again? You've got our vote! [SheWired]



A very warm welcome to the newest lezzie on True Blood, Tara. Did you see that one coming? Yeah, us too. Tara, the tough Bon Temps bartender with the great arms, is now with Naomi. Surprise! Rutina Wesley, the actress who plays Tara, said, “It’s nice to see Tara a little more Zen and open to things. And she just seems more carefree about life. It feels good to see her smile for a change.” Will this relationship last? Umm, this is True Blood we're talking about, so don't bet on it. [AfterEllen]



Bling for your boobies! You’d have to be crazy to not want a sequined yoda adorning your girls galaxy master from Pretty in Pasties. Other faves: Hello Kitty and rainbow sets. Perfect for Pride. [Io9]


It’s here! The trailer for Brave, the newest offering from Pixar, hit the web yesterday. It will hit theaters August 17, 2012. How will we ever wait that long? [Io9]




Are gay bars dying? In a recent article by Slate’s June Thomas, she asks if gay bars will be left behind as gay rights moves forward. Once the only place where gay people could let down their defenses, now, at least in larger cities or more acceptable towns, LGBT people feel safe enough to hang out in straight bars and restaurants. What do you think? [Slate]


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