The Daily Gaydar: Amber Heard's New Series The Playboy Club is Under Fire

Plus, bisexual pop star Kesha looking minimalist-sexy, the latest on Amy Winehouse's clothing line and the queer ladies of True Blood promise that "It Gets Better."

The Daily Gaydar: Amber Heard's New Series The Playboy Club is Under Fire
Photo: Matt Dinerstein/NBC

The lame ass Parents Television Council is waging a war against Amber Heard's new show The Playboy Club. The PTC wants to make sure that no child in America will ever lay eyes on the shocking sight of a woman in a satin swimsuit outfit and bunny ears. “Because Our Children Are Watching,” as their tagline says. Oh, PTC, guess what you’ve done now? Created even more buzz for the show, and guaranteed that more kids are going to be downloading it secretly. Because our children are going to watch…especially if you tell them not to. Duh. [TV.com]



Photographer Terry Richardson just proved what we've long suspected about bisexual pop star Ke$ha: Once you clean off the glitter and hand her some makeup remover and you get a sunny, bright looking girl with a huge smile. Crazy, right? And look at those adorable freckles, could you just die? [Jezebel]



Sexist banter is alive and well on the Lopez Tonight show. But who was George Lopez’s surprising co-conspirator? Tim Gunn! The two discussed Hillary Clinton’s fashion sense, which means they talked about her “cankles” and unflattering pantsuits. Gunn said Clinton dresses like she’s “confused about her gender.” When did the debonair and normally genteel, lovely Tim Gunn turn into such a catty sexist? Aufedersein, Tim Gunn, you're out. [Jezebel]




“Take a luxury garment and wreck it in some way. Pair a fancy evening gown with bed head. Being too polished, too perfect, reads as fake. Authentic beauty comes when something precious is treated with nonchalance — even disrespect, perhaps even a bit of abuse.” That’s fashion columnist Robin Givhan talking, in relation to Amy Winehouse’s fashion line that has been put on hold. Just another example of how tragic the loss of Winehouse is.  Lets hope this line, and her rumored album see the light of day soon. [Jezebel]


Leave it to New York to not back down from a fight. Just as gay marriages have started in the state, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a brief challenging the Defense of Marriage Act. He said, “By refusing to recognize for federal purposes marriages that are valid under state law, DOMA intrudes on matters historically within the control of the States, and undermines and denigrates New York's law designed to ensure equality of same-sex and different-sex married couples. Thus DOMA threatens basic principles of federalism. Moreover, it classifies and determines access to rights, benefits, and protections based on sexual orientation, and also based on sex.” We’ll keep you updated as this works its way through the court system. [Jezebel]




And now for something completely gratuitous to get this party started: She Wired has a slideshow celebs who’ve stripped down for a good cause. Props to you SheWired for this hubba hubba slideshow one problem, now we can't get any work done! Check it out. Probs NSFW, but that’s why we learned how to Alt+Tab, right? [SheWired]

Could we love True Blood even more? Turns out: Yes, we can. Rutina Wesley and Kristin Bauer, who both play characters with lesbian tendencies (Tara and Pam, respectively), have recorded videos for the It Gets Better campaign. Check it out. [SheWired]





Leave it to Evan Rachel Wood and her sexy dyketastic do to take karaoke to a whole new level. Check out her cover of Justin Bieber, below. [Autostraddle]



It’s time for another film about a predatory lesbian relationship! Yay! We haven’t seen once since erotic thriller Chloe in 2009. This one, called Love Crime, is a crime thriller featuring French actors Ludivine Sagnier and Kristin Scott Thomas. It hits theaters Sept. 2. Will you be watching? [AfterEllen]


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