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Curve's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

What to get every lezzie on your shopping list!


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The holiday season is here, and with it the mad dash for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. But braving the traffic jammed parking lots and serpentine check-out lines is nothing compared to the challenge of finding the perfect gift. But don't panic because Curve has got you covered with our list of unique and fabulous items sure to thrill!


1. Axis Hand-Powered Safety Device 
Perfect for outdoor lesbians, the Axis hand powered safety device charges smartphones and USB devices, tells the weather, makes emergency phone calls, plays the radio and can be used as a red flashing beacon light, helping others to find you when you're lost in the outdoors. ($70, etoncorp.com)

2. Chic Boom Speaker
Fit the party in your pocket with chicBoom keychain speakers. Perfect for a picnic or for streaming movies on the go. These adorable, compact cubes pack a hefty punch, delivering two watts of distortion-free sound courtesy of your mp3 player or laptop. ($30, chicbuds.com)

3. Hello Kitty Toaster
With a cute white and pink Hello Kitty Toaster, you can see Miss Kitty's face engraved onto each bread slice. What better way to start your morning than seeing Hello Kitty on your toast? ($35, sanrio.com)

4. Paul Frank iPhone Case
Nobody likes a naked iPhone. Give yours a head to toe makeover—and some extra protection—with one of Paul Frank’s iPhone cases. The Floor Toms hard case, which features a colorful drum kit illustration, is perfect for the little drummer girl in your life. ($35, paulfrank.com)

5. Kindle Fire
Ignite the fire back into your relationship — by getting your darling a Kindle Fire. She'll be a Goddess with Amazon at her fingertips, able to call upon millions of movies, books, songs, magazines, TV shows and thousands of apps and games. ($200, amazon.com)



1. Kirby's Return to Dreamland and Kirby Mass Attack
Everyone’s favorite pink puffball is back in action—and this time around he’s brought some buddies with him. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, available for the Nintendo Wii, has a multiplayer option that is sure to be a hit at any gamer gathering. Those who’d prefer some one-on-one time with Kirby can play Kirby Mass Attack on their Nintendo DS instead. ($50 and $35, gamestop.com)

2. Wii Play Motion
Your body is the controller with Wii Play Motion. You can shoot ghosts, fly through space and skip rocks all while utilizing your balance to play the game. With 12 games, Wii Play Motion is a fun way to stay active with the family without leaving the house. ($50, wiiplaymotion.nintendo.com)

3. Kinect Sports 2
Kinect Sports Season 2 comes with a new way to control the game, your voice. Speak up to scroll through menus, snap the Football or call fowl play in your Tennis match. Six new games are introduced: Football, Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Darts and Skiing. ($50, gamestop.com)

4. Tetris®: Axis
Thanks to Nintendo 3DS, you can now experience Tetris® in the magic of 3D. Tetris®: Axis brings the beloved arcade classic into the 21st century with more than 20 different game modes and a host of multiplayer party games so you and your lady can go head to head. ($35, gamestop.com)

5. Professor Layton and the Last Spector
Challenge the brainy babe in your life with the riddle-ridden Professor Layton and the Last Specter, available for Nintendo DS. The puzzles that the professor and his assistant Emmy encounter on their quest through the village of Misthallery will captivate her well into the New Year. ($35, gamestop.com)

6. Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident for Wii
If you like adventure, solving puzzles and brain teasers, then you'll enjoy playing Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident. As a detective, you'll have to find hidden objects to discover the mystery that has plagued Malgrave Island for years. ($30, gamestop.com)

7. Uncharted 3
Third person action adventure doesn't get more thrilling than Uncharted 3. So, for the gaming gal in your life who favors the Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones franchises, we can't give a higher recommendation than Uncharted 3. ($60, gamestop.com)

8. Skyrim
Lesbians love role-play in other places outside of the bedroom. Skyrim is a role-playing game where you inhabit an alternate world of kings, warriors and dragons. The Tamriel Empire is falling apart and it's up to you, as the Dragonborn, to save the empire and the future of Skyrim. ($60, gamestop.com)


1. Prime Suspect Season 1
Prime Suspect is a British police drama featuring Helen Mirren as Jane Tennison. Tennison is a badass detective who fights criminals, as well as a chauvinistic workplace. Treat yourself to Season 1 because you like strong female leads, British accents and even though Mirren is 66 years old — you'd still do her. ($22, acornonline.com)

2. Queer as Folk: The Complete U.K. Collection
Were you a fan of the groundbreaking series Queer As Folk? Yeah us, too. Now you can see where it all began with the original British series on DVD. ($20, amazon.com)

3. Fest Selects: Best Lesbian Shorts, Vol. 1
Lesbian movies for the ADHD lesbian who can't decide what she wants, let Fest Selects select for you. Fest Selects: Best Lesbian Shorts, Vol. 1 is a collection of the best short lesbian films from the top film festivals. Nine short films, 101 minutes, 100 percent lesbian. ($23, amazon.com)

4. Agatha Christie's Marple: The Pale Horse
Though she’s been dead for more than 30 years, Dame Agatha Christie is still the reigning queen of mysteries. The 2010 adaptation of her classic novel the Pale Horse, part of the Miss Marple series, is a great gift for the aspiring sleuth in your life. ($23, amazon.com)

5. Drop Dead Diva: Season 2
In season one, shallow aspiring model Jane Bingum died and returned to earth intelligent, overweight and in other woman's body. Chronicling Jane's journey with self-love, Drop Dead Diva Season 2 is intelligent, funny and claiming sexy for every body size. ($30, shop.history.com)

6. White Collar: Season 2
White Collar follows Neal, a white-collar criminal who helps the FBI capture other high society corporate lads for crimes such as embezzlement and forgery. Matt Bomer, the lead male who plays Neal is a hot stud. If we weren't lesbians and he weren't gay in real life, we'd make babies. ($50, nbcuniversalstore.com)

7. Burn Notice Season 4
If the TV junkie on your list isn’t already a fan of spy drama Burn Notice, they will be—especially after they see the smokin’ hot British actress Gabrielle Anwar blow stuff up as explosives expert and all-around badass Fiona Glenanne. ($50, nbcuniversalstore.com)

8. The Good Wife Season 2
Give your friends an excuse to stay indoors this winter with season two of The Good Wife. The Emmy-award winning political drama will keep them glued to their TVs until it’s T-shirt weather again. ($60, cbs.seenon.com)

9. Blue Murder: The Complete Series
Nothing is sexier than a tough woman with an accent. With the entire series of British crime drama Blue Murder available on DVD, you and your gal can cozy up this winter to watch Detective Chief Inspector Janine Lewis investigate Manchester’s most gruesome murders while struggling to maintain a stable home life. ($86, oldies.com)

10. Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy
Before moving forward into the New Year, don’t forget to travel back in time to visit your favorite dinosaur friends. The Jurassic Park Trilogy is the perfect gift for yourself and the family. This collection includes a six-part documentary with new interviews from the cast and crew and is jam packed with bonus features. ($70, jurassicpark.com)



1. Shiva Rea's Daily Energy: Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD
Even the busiest yogi can make time for Shiva Rea’s Daily Energy: Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD. The short, restorative segments will get your pulse going when it’s too cold to trek to the gym. ($5, acacialifestyle.com)

2. Bethenny's Skinnygirl Workout
For the time-strapped lezzie who wants to tone her abs and find inner peace, Bethenny Skinny Girl Workout provides a quick, sustainable and refreshing yogic regimen that will burn calories and keep you centered. ($14, acacialifestyle.com)

3. Jillian Michaels' Extreme Shed & Shred DVD
Shed those holiday pounds and get your sweat on with Jillian Michaels’ latest DVD, Extreme Shed and Shred. The bisexual celebrity trainer combines martial arts, yoga and weight training for a workout that will kick your ass until it’s back in its pre-Thanksgiving form. ($13, jillianmichaels.shop.sportstoday.com)

4. Journey Gym
Get a head start on those New Year’s resolutions with the Journey Gym. The ultra-portable, multipurpose strength and cardio machine is ideal for any jet-setting Curvette. ($245, journeygym.com)

5. Jiinga Brasil by Fernanda Rocha
Brazilian Fitness Trainer, Fernanda Rocha, started the ultra sexy workout clothing line, Jiinga Brasil, to encourage free movement without the usual wear and tear and made with top quality design. ($15-$108, jiingabrasil.storenvy.com)

6. PhitGrip
PhitGrip is the answer to your pathogen panic with its patented anti-microbial, non-slip workout grip. Lesbian owned, this gym must-have lets you power-lift away while keeping you sanitary and slip free. ($10, phitgrip.com)

7. Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii
Shimmy into shape this year with Zumba Fitness 2 for the Nintendo Wii. The second installment of the calorie-burning dance craze features 32 new routines that will get you fit and dance floor ready. ($40, gamestop.com)


 1. Sushi Cat Toy
Stuffed with catnip and set on a corn-based sushi tray, this toy is perfect for the pickiest of felines. Because cats liking sushi just makes sense. ($19, etsy.com)

2. Yoda Inspired Dog Costume Hat
You’ve always said your pup is as wise as a Jedi master, now he can finally look the part with this knitted Yoda bonnet from Handmade Monster. ($20, handmademonster.etsy.com)

3. The Honest Kitchen's Holiday Treat Pack
Humans love variety, especially in the form of food platters during the holidays. So why shouldn't your furry friends have that same satisfaction? They can with The Honest Kitchen's Holiday Treat Pack, a variety of hand-baked treats that your dog will drool over. ($25, shop.thehonestkitchen.com)

4. The Puppoose Sling Carrier
If you're one of those people who feel like their dogs are their kids then Puppoose Sling Carrier will make you one happy mama. Its soft fabric, adjustable straps and crocheted design make a comfortable and cute fit for you and your pooches while you prance around town. ($60, dogpetboutique.com)

5. DJ Cat Scratch Turntable
Bring out your kitty’s inner club kid with the DJ Cat Scratch Turntable. Not only will the recycled cardboard scratch board help her get a head start on her DJ career, but your furniture will thank you. ($40, perpetualkid.com)

6. Platinum Pets Princess Bed
Give your furry friend the royal treatment with the Platinum Pets Princess Bed. The wrought iron bed frame and vegan leather bed will have your pet snoozing in style. ($115, platinum-pets.amazonwebstore.com)


1. Dirty Dyke Body Wash
Dirty Dyke Body Wash from Wick-edly Sent is keeping lesbians clean while creating change. Each purchase of the patchouli-scented and sulfate-free scrub sends a portion of the proceeds to AIDS Rochester. ($10, escentedcandle.com)

2. Steam Bath Factory's Eat Cake Gift Set
The Steam Bath Factory Eat Cake Gift Set comes with body smoother, sugar scrub, spray mist, lip balm and soap of a devilishly sweet fragrance — white cake, cinnamon and orange marmalade. Steam Bath Factory prides itself in giving extreme pleasure to its customers through extreme body indulgence. ($30, etsy.com/shop/SteamBathFactory)

3. Tin of Pure Imagination
With Lush’s Tin of Pure Imagination, you now have another reason to get down and dirty. The multipack features inventive bath treats like shower jelly, sugar scrub and solid toothpaste. Regular soap is so 2011. ($55, lushusa.com)

4. Besame's Enriched Lip Glaze Holiday Trio 
With Besame's Enriched Lip Glaze Trio you'll have 3 glazes to make your lips pop: Pink Diamond, Caramel and Red Berry. Besame is Spanish for kiss me. The Enriched Lip Glaze Trio will prep your lips with style before you head out for an evening of debauchery. ($18, besamecosmetics.com)

5. Nailtini Cocktails for Nails
Liquor lovers take note: ‘Tini Beauty Lounge has a bevy of booze-inspired nail polish that’ll keep your digits dazzling even after you’ve downed five Mojitos. ($13 and up, tinibeauty.com)


1. Butch Badge Foil Pullover Hoodie
You want to find the perfect gift for your cute little butch? Give her a Butch branded Pullover Hoodie. It will keep her stylin', warm and cuddly when you want to snuggle. ($35 and up, butchclothingco.com)

2. Dykes In The City's Derby Hat
If you want to be having sex in the city in 2012, then you have to up your style with a Dykes in the City Hat. Their Derby hat is the perfect choice to increase your dyke appeal. You can accessorize in black, brown, burgundy or grey. ($45, ditc.net)

3. Marimacho's Sweetheart Buckle
The gearhead in your life will appreciate the Sweetheart buckle from Marimacho. The heart-shaped buckle’s cog motif is a perfect balance of girly and tough. ($20, marimachobk.com)

4. Carolyn’s Kitchen: Hawaiian Pinup Apron
Cooking in Carolyn's aprons will definitely heat things up. Give this gift to your lady if you want to move your sex life out of the bedroom. Eating each other is the best shared meal, and this sexy apron will help you prepare. ($39, carolynskitchenonline.com)

5. Digits
You lesbigeeks will have a techgasm over Digit Gloves. Your hands can stay warm behind the comfort of gloves and you can still interact with your iPad and smart phone. Digits are little pads you put on the tips of your gloves that allow you to interact with touch screen devices. ($12, quirky.com)

6. Blossom Box Jewelry
Glam up your femme sweetie with some of Blossom Box Jewelry’s ornate designs. The company’s vast selection of Indian earrings, necklaces and bangles will bring a taste of New Delhi to her jewelry collection. ($39 and up, blossomboxjewelry.com)

7. Girls with Slingshots: Jamie and Erin Dinosaur Kiss Stud Earrings 
Fans of webcomic ‘Girls with Slingshots’ will swoon over these adorable Jamie and Erin Dinosaur Kiss Stud Earrings, made with antique silver. They’re sure to be a conversation starter at any holiday shindig.  ($30, etsy.com/shop/ShopGWS)


1. Hips and Curves Rhinestone Skull & Crossbone Garter Boyshorts
The L Word scene of Carmen dancing for Shane in garter straps is etched into all of our brains. Who wouldn't want to watch their hot lady dancing in stockings, boyshorts and garter straps? The Rhinestone Skull & Crossbone Garter Boyshots getup is a must for your sex life. ($20, hipsandcurves.com)

2. Dykes In The City's Boxer Briefs 
Dykes in the City's Boxer Briefs is the perfect gift for you and your girlfriend. There are few things sexier than seeing your girl in nothing but boxer briefs. Give yourself a gift this holiday by surprising your lady with this sexy undergarment. ($15, ditc.net)

3. ALLIHALLA's Rachel Underwear 
Who says waste high underwear isn't sexy? Rachel Underwear from ALLIHALLA is laced, see through and hand designed for any size. You can wear them with high waist skirts, dresses — and they're even sexier when you wear them by themselves. ($20, etsy.com/shop/ALLIHALLA)

4. Under the Root's Peartree Brassiere Bralette
What do you get your eco-friendly, folklore-loving gal for the holidays? A Peartree Brassiere Bralette. Nothing says I love you (or I want to have sex with you) like handmade, eco-friendly, fable inspired lingerie. ($50, etsy.com/shop/undertheroot)

5. Atelier Sylphe Corset's 1900's Pattern Midbust Corset
If you enjoy time period role-playing with your lover, then you will love this. Atelier Sylphe Corsets' Midbust corset, stylized with a 1900's pattern. It's hot, but not too hot to handle. ($317, etsy.com/shop/AtelierSylphecorsets)


1. The L Life: Extraordinary Lesbians Making a Difference
A must-have for the Sapphic Scholar. The L Life: Extraordinary Lesbians Making a Difference, by Erin McHugh, chronicles modern day lesbians who have offered timeless strength, vision and talent to a society that is finally beginning to appreciate these contributions. ($33, abramsbooks.com)

2. Black, Gifted And Gay 
Black, Gifted And Gay is a platform for the voices of those negotiating more than one identity. What does is mean to face both racism and homophobia and still come out triumphant? This book, by Leyla Farah, profiles 20 African-American LGBTQ icons who give us an idea. ($10, amazon.com)

3. Sing You Home: A Novel
Sing You Home: A Novel by Jodi Pocoult, marries together themes of love and justice. Reflecting on the very real issues currently facing the LGBTQ community, this is a story of two women falling in love in unusual circumstances and hoping against odds to simply be able to raise a child together. ($16, amazon.com)

4. Lunatic Fringe
Enthralling, empowering and well written, Allison Moon's feminist lesbian werewolf novel, Lunatic Fringe, hits the ground running in setting the stage for a great series. Lexie Clarion leaves for college, unaware that her journey of self-exploration will lead her into the paranormal. Get the Lunatic Fringe & T-Shirt Combo to get an autographed book and your favorite feminist werewolf T-shirt. ($30, talesofthepack.com)

5. Best Lesbian Erotica 2011
Which lesbian erotica book will you pick this year to warm your … heart? Lea DeLaria, writer, comic, singer and actor compiled all of the best lesbian erotica from writers known and new and put it into Best Lesbian Erotica 2011. ($16, cleispress.com)

6. Ash & Huntress
Ash & Huntress are two books depicting a fantastical world of fairies, adventure and otherworldly lore. Both stories follow young warrior lesbians as they embark on a magical journey to save the world. Get both books signed for the holidays. ($27, bookpassage.com)


1. Uh Huh Her Nocturnes
A proud moment in Les Land, our own Leisha Hailey, who most will recognize from the L-Word, has dropped a new album with Camila Grey, brimming with spunk, snyth and sexy vocals. This dance worthy album features eleven tracks that you don't want missing from your iPod. Get yourself a copy of their autographed CD. ($15, uhhuhher.com)

2. Lady Gaga A Very Gaga Holiday
Little Monsters are in for a holiday treat with Lady Gaga's newest release, Lady Gaga A Very Gaga Holiday featuring a select few holiday classics. Don't expect the usual bizarre storylines or party tunes of past albums. Instead, Gaga gives us the gift of her amazing vocals and sweet lyrics without the theatrics. ($4, itunes.apple.com)

3. Jessie J Who You Are
If auto-tuned hotties have worn out their welcome on your mp3 player, then Jessie J, the bisexual R&B (soon-to-be) sensation is just what you’re looking for—put simply, the girl can wail. Her first album Who You Are is a 13-track hit machine. In fact, "Do it Like a Dude,” the gender-bending reggae-tinged rapcore track that first made lezzie ears perk up and take notice has already hit No. 2 on the U.K. charts. The soul throwback “Mamma Knows Best,” showcases Jessie J’s astounding vocal range and the instantaneously catchy album closer, “Price Tag” summons visions of warm summer nights, dancing and good times. We predict Who You Are is the album to beat in 2012 Grammys. ($8, itunes.apple.com)

4. Shunda K, The Most Wanted (Fanatic Records)
Formerly of the openly lesbian, label-defying Hip Hop trio, Yo Majesty, Shunda K’s latest solo effort, The Most Wanted, has her back to doing what she does best, being a musical provocateur. Most Wanted is packed with Shunda’s trademark bold, explicit expression and lyrical explosions that proclaim both her sexual identity and demand her voice to be heard. ($10, amazon.com)

5. Who Took the Bomp? DVD
Filmed in 2004, as Le Tigre toured in support of their album This Island, Who Took The Bomp offers a rare peek behind the curtain for one of the most important feminist, queer bands. Made up of a collection of live performance footage and backstage hijinks, it’s a hilarious and eye-opening glimpse at the whip-smart and incredibly funny minds and personalities behind the music. ($16, oscilloscope.net)

6. Girl in a Coma, Exits & All the Rest
Returning for their fourth album, San Antonio-based Girl in a Coma continues to dazzle with their gift for innovation. The trio effortlessly blends influences as disparate as tejano, rockabilly, new wave and punk to create a sound that is unique, fresh and disarmingly pleasing. Alternately raw and dreamy, Exits & All the Rest pairs singer Nina Diaz’s sweeping vocals to swinging Latin rock infused instrumentation by bassist and drummer (and out lesbians) Jennifer Alva and Phanie Diaz. The album crackles with a sense of pent up energy and scarcely restrained fury. ($8, blackheart.com)

7. Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2
Celebrate your gift-giving holidays with Glee. This twelve track Christmas album features all of your favorite nerdy, naughty and nice characters from the hit TV show Glee singing classic carols like "Little Drummer Boy" and "Let It Snow" ($11, amazon.com)

8. Cyndi Lauper To Memphis With Love Live DVD and CD
Veteran favorite of the LGBTQ community, Cyndi Lauper is out with a crisp, innovative and worthy tribute to the blues and just in time for Christmas. Jamming with some well known blues legends like Johnny Lang and Tracy Nelson, Lauper delivers her signature raspy vocals alongside fan favorites in this 78 minute DVD. ($13, rockandrolltshirts.com)


1. Alex Bottle 
As lesbians, we're always on the go making the world a better place. Alex water bottles are designed perfectly to match our lifestyle. It's easy to clean, refashions into 3 different sizes, 20, 26 and 32 oz and when empty, it can be resized to fit in your purse. ($30, alexbottle.com)

2. Business Card, ID or Cigarette Case
Vintage afficionados will be jazzed about these multi-purpose tin cases. Compact enough to hold business cards, coins or cigarettes, these totally unique cases feature cheeky messages for ladies with a thing for the 30's. ($10-$12, etsy.com/shop/sweetheartsinner and etsy.com/shop/lsybb)

3. Pop Bar's Hot Chocolate on a Stick
Literally the best cup of hot chocolate we've ever had! We cannot reccomend this tasty treat higly enough. Simply, dip the chocolate stick into steamed milk to create savory hot chocolate. Available in 6 and 12 packs in milk, dark and vanilla white chocolate flavors. To order, email orders@pop-bar.com (pop-bar.com)

4. Butch Greeting Cards
Who wouldn't want to receive a greeting card featuring hot lesbians? Elisha Lim illustrates sexy butches on each card. Send your lesbifriends holiday greetings with a glimpse of what's to come in 2012 — sexy time. ($3, etsy.com/shop/elishalim)

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