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Behind the Scenes of the I Love Career Girl Calendar

Lesbian models share their stories of love and lust in the workplace.


Photos by Nadia Attura

New year’s day is coming fast, so it’s time to make a very important decision, one that will effect every one of the 365 days to come: which lesbian calendar will you mark your days with in 2012. Allow us to recommend, I Love Career Girls. This sexy selection features out lesbian and bisexual women with the mission of improving lesbian visibility and disproving the stereotypes of what queer women look like. From looking at the calendar you'd think that the creators, Nadia Attura and Mercury have not only brought sexy back, but created it, which isn't too far from the truth, according to what Nadia shared with us. "We have had models get very intimate on set, and one time, Mercury and myself, embarrassed, had to leave the shoot while they got it out of their system."

What can possibly make this calendar even hotter? Hearing the real-life backstories of the models falling in lust at the workplace. Which stories belong to which models? You'll have to look at your copy of the calendar to find out. Here is a taste of their stories.



Andrea's Story

I know only too well the joys and the perils of love/fun in the work place, especially when it is forbidden, as that does make it much more exciting.

Working as a retail manager, I am supposed to remain professional and somewhat stoic, not allowing my personal life to affect my job. [That] became a little different when I seduced my supervisor.

Going totally against the rules, I began a fling with my supervisor, which of course had to be kept very quiet indeed. The fact that this had to be kept such a secret made it so exciting. The sneaking around, the private little jokes no one would understand — made for a very interesting couple of months. I loved the secrecy. I loved that I could have been caught at any time. I also loved that until this point, my supervisor had never been with a woman.

It began with little flirtings here, sly little hand strokes there, a little rubbing of the back, lots of texting from my company phone and gradually progressed to a lot more during the staff Christmas party. After that, things got very interesting.

During manager meetings there would be discreet rubbing of legs under the table. I would deliberately wear skirts with stockings for such meetings. If I were holding a meeting I would be sure to wear a very sexy and powerful suit. I enjoyed being in control of my supervisor. And I enjoyed watching her squirm with things that I said or did. The slightest phrase that would have certain connotations would make her blush in public. I loved it.

I would regularly have one-to-one meetings with her in my office to discuss her performance. Of course they were very useful discussions. I certainly got a lot out of it.

One time in particular I tracked her down in the stock room. Working the late shift, the stockroom was empty. And being a manager I knew of the places the CCTV did not reach. And she was very willing. I think she liked the secrecy as much as I. 

On her part, she loved getting with her boss. On my part, it was having some naughty control over my supervisor. And for the time that it lasted, it was great fun indeed.

Once I had decided it was time to call it a day, it was also time for me to move to another store, else things would have been very awkward indeed. However, in my new store, there was this stunning blonde haired, blue-eyed supervisor. Need I say anymore?

I left that store a year ago.



Belle's Story

I'm used to working in bars and pubs where the environment can be, at times, very rushed. If I ever catch a glimpse of a bit of all right it’s difficult to grab their attention for more than a second before the inevitable boozy bags barges their way through. Recently, I’ve had a couple of experiences where someone has written notes to me, one time a lady even performed a card trick with their phone number on the card I chose, which I thought was pretty impressive.

I love magic. For me it takes more than just a remark or joke or a batter of lashes. Unconventional interests coupled with a self-assured smile are what I find most attractive in women. It’s the small, more imaginative or inventive details that spark off someone's interest and keep them captivated. I am waiting for a black magic woman to walk in through the door and show me some magic.



Rach's Story

Fun, flirty, summer fun with an intern. Working for a well-known PR agency, we have a lot of interns coming through to work on different teams and get experience in the industry. This summer, we had one girl in particular work on the Fashion team who was smoking hot. She was Asian, very trendy and edgy clothes, super confident with some well-chosen piercings and that little something that set my gaydar off. I had my gay male colleague do some digging for me about her preferences, but she gave away nothing to him and I was giving up hope of having a fellow lesbian in the office that I may have developed a mega crush on.

A few weeks in and we both ended up by the printer, just us. The usual chitchat ensued, and I was getting no gay vibes. I didn't even try to flirt as I thought it was a lost cause, until she walked off — she briefly turned back, smiled and held my gaze just that-little-bit-too-long-that-you-know-its-not-a-look-a-straight-girl-would-give-you. [There were] some more brief lingering gazes over our Macs, some nervous increasingly flirty chats by the kettle, the reception, the toilets and onto a staff night out, where the mix of summer haze, excessive alcohol and the fact she was finishing her internship meant we proceeded to get blind drunk, snog each others faces around the corner from all my colleagues and sneak back to mine early.

To pick up your own copy visit ilovelondongirls.com.

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