Olivia Club Med Cancun—Day Two


It is so nice to fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of waves right outside your door.

After an early morning meeting, I headed back to my room for a nap and then a late breakfast. One thing that is different from an Olivia Club Med vacation, versus a cruise is that you are more in charge of your own schedule. You don’t have to hurry off the boat to catch your excursion. You can come and go as you please, decide at the last minute if you want to rent jet skis, take a dance lesson or swing from trapeze. 

It was my first day, so I opted for something more low-key. I headed over to watch the pool games, hosted by comedian Poppy Champlin. It’s amazing the things lesbians will do in the name of competition. The game seemed to center around piling as many dykes as possible on a surfboard before it sank.

After a quick dip in the pool, it was time for lunch. The main restaurant is buffet style and so far it’s been hard to decide what to eat. Broiled grouper or chicken filet? Chips and guacamole or soup and salad? I settled on a few beef kabobs and salad and found a friend I met on a previous Olivia vacation to dine with.

After lunch had digested sufficiently, I decided to go for a snorkel. From the balcony of my room, I’d been watching little lesbian heads bobbing up and down in the surf with masks and flippers and it looked like fun. I arrived at the snorkel station at the same time as about 40 gals from the solos group.

Olivia has an amazing solos program. I met coordinator Gina on my first Olivia trip in October and her clan always seems to be having the best time. By day two, all 60 solos on this trip seemed to know one another, were already sharing inside jokes and helping one another with snorkel equipment. On my last trip, I spent a lot of time with the solos. It’s a great way to vacation by yourself, whether you’re single or just traveling alone.

In the water, I quickly swam away from the pack and enjoyed the solitude of the water and the colorful fishes below me. Someone pointed out a barracuda, and I screamed like a girl at the three-foot long fish, lurking hungrily below me.

Comedians Mimi Gonzalez and Poppy Champlin came out of the water right when I did and recounted their undersea adventure. By then I was starting to get thirsty, so it was off to the bar for a pina colda and more socializing.  There is something about being on an Olivia trip that opens people up and new friends are made constantly. Watch the video below:


 I met Mary and Karma on my first Olivia trip. They met each other two years ago on an Olivia cruise to Hawaii. It was Mary’s birthday and we met up for a leisurely dinner where we lingered over glasses of wine and laughter. Then later, it was more laughter at the comedy show with Elvira Kurt.

A night of dancing still beckoned, but we were greeting with a tropical rain drench.  Instead of walking to the club, we caught a ride on a golf cart, where the wind whipped the rain into us so hard it stung as it hit our faces. We were soaked through to our sports bras by the time we made it the disco. It turns out very few people had braved the storm and the dance floor was practically empty. I caught a ride back to the main building and found it crowded and rowdy, where I ended the evening with one last rum and coke before heading to bed.

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