Olivia Club Med Cancun—Day Three


Today is the day that I’m hosting a lesbian dating game at the pool. Four gals from the solos program have agreed to play the game. We’ve set it up like the TV show with three “butchlorettes” and a femme who will ask questions and choose one of them for a date. Laurie, the femme, is a professional football player and she’s got some great questions for the butches. “If you had to sleep at the zoo tonight, what cage would they put you in?” Shay said she’s swing around with the monkeys. “If you had to stop by the supermarket before our date, what would you buy?” Penny said she’d get an energy drink so she would present her best self.  When she asked Julie, “If I were to choose you as my date, do you plan to ask me for a goodnight kiss or just take one?” 

When Julie replied that she’d have to see how things were going, the crowd booed her. I think Shay won Laurie over when she asked, “How would you end this sentence: I’ll do anything for you except….” Shay replied, “Once I get you in my arms, I’ll do anything except let you go.” Aww. Super sweet.

Laurie choose Shay as her date and Dipstick was pleased to present them with their prize: 

"You and your chaperone (aka Dipstick) will be transported to the lovely Club Med Cancun for an all-inclusive Olivia evening of decadence and fun. Your night will begin with drinks at the elegant La Saluna ocean-side bar, followed by dinner at the sophisticated La Hacienda restaurant. (The Club Med Buffet.) You will then take in the hilarious comedy of Dana Goldberg from your front row seats. Then you will be transported in your own private golf cart to an evening of dancing at Club O. How you end your evening is up to you."

After the dating game, I decided to check out the Olivia wedding/commitment ceremony. The lovely Tisha, Olivia’s VP of Operations and Cruise Director is also an ordained minister and on every trip she holds a wedding ceremony for guests wishing to take or renew their vows. Twenty-six couples with 234 years of love between them took part in the simple ceremony, that I have to admit, brought tears to my eyes.

At 6:00 p.m., I was excited to meet up with the dating game winners for the start of their date. Both ladies showed up a bit late, a definite first date no-no, but I excused them because we were in vacation mode.  Each gal was glowing from an afternoon of sun. Each showed up in a beautiful white outfit. I think they were a little aghast when they realized I actually was going to be chaperoning their date. But really, I just wanted to help them get rolling and calm any last minute jitters they might have. After a half hour of easy chit-chat, I knew these girls were off to a good start. I left them alone and headed off to meet my own dinner date.

Later, I sat behind the two at the comedy show to keep an eye on them.  They both enjoyed all the attention they got from other guests, wishing them luck on their date.  After the show, I escorted them to a waiting golf cart for a ride up to the disco. By the time I arrived at the disco, Laurie had left, since she signed up for an early morning excursion, she had to cut out early. I asked butchlorette Shay if she kissed Laurie goodnight. No she said, but Laurie kissed her. Gotta love a femme who knows what she wants and is not afraid to take it.

The rest of the night I danced my sweaty little ass off until it was time to head back to the air-conditioned room and dream about another day in paradise.

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