Olivia Club Med Cancun—Day One


Few things are worth getting up at 3:30 in the morning, but setting out to an Olivia Club Med vacation in Cancun is one of them. I was invited, along with editor Diane Anderson-Minshall and Curve business manager Flo Enriquez to join Olivia for one of their famous land-based vacations. We would host a few Curve events and spend the rest of the time enjoying the sun, the sand and the ladies at the all-inclusive Cancun Club Med. 

At the airport, I spotted a couple of lesbians and wondered if they were also “Friends of Olivia.” As we headed toward the same gate in LAX, I asked if they were with Olivia. The dykier of the two, looked at me funny for a minute, as if to say, “How could you have known that?” I wanted to pretend like I had some kind of special Dipstick dyke-spotting power, but seriously, even my mom could have picked her out of a crowd.

The travel day is long, but smooth. This is my third Olivia vacation and already, at the airport in Cancun, I’m running into people I’ve met on other trips. Comedian Dana Goldberg  introduces me to Poppy Champlin, another comedian who is about to have her own special on Showtime. 

Luckily I breezed through immigration, but Dana was not so lucky. We each had to press a button as we passed through if it turned red, you were pulled aside and your bags searched. Hopefully she didn’t have any special girlfriend toys in her bag.


I got to Club Med at 6 p.m., with just enough time to grab dinner and head to the first night’s show.  Unlike the cruises, all of the entertainers on this trip are comedians. I guess the acoustics are not great at the concert hall for musicians. MC Elvira Kurt introduced Mimi Gonzalez, who set the bar high, or should I say low, with her routine. Let’s just say she’s got an amazing body and we saw most of it. All displayed in the context of a very funny routine.

Although there was dancing up at Club O, I had to head to bed after the show, tired from the long travel day and only a few hours of sleep. I fell into my king-size bed and was out in no time.

Enjoy some of the poolside shenanigans below:

Cancun Day One
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