Dewberries Boutique and Lounge Opens


Sandra Valls (left) and Dewberries owner Jacqueline Kennedy

Lesbian entrepreneur Jacqueline Kennedy knows what it takes for a small niche business to make it in today’s marketplace. With a keen focus on current culture both LGBT and mainstream, the newly opened Dewberries Boutique on W. Pico offers affordable priced fun clothing for its hip customers and a focus on empowering women and the LGBT community with a calendar of community events and classes that include among other things, stand-up comedy workshops.

Popular latina comic and partner of Dewberries owner, Sandra Valls is excited about her partner Kennedy’s vision coming to life. “Jackie is an incredibly talented woman, I’m so proud of her,” she says. “It’s amazing the way she can make something from nothing.” Valls picks up a T-shirt from a rack near us and waves over a Dewberries customer, Dalila Ali Rajah, host of the popular cable television show Cherry Bomb. Rajah is wearing a dress version of a Dewberries staple, a T-shirt featuring an African American beauty with an afro on a tie-dyed background, “Jackie cut this shirt right on Dalila,” Valls says. The T-shirt has been entirely transformed. It has become a custom fitted dress that highlights Rajah’s beautiful shape. Now that is the kind of personal attention and customer service that can make a retail boutique a destination place even in L.A.

With its pink and green walls, the boutique has a feminine feel that still somehow manages to avoid being cliché. Customers are shopping, family and friends are talking, sharing, and eating tacos and Kennedy is beaming. I understand her concept, and her intent, and I like what is being built here. Paring her eye for fashion with her membership in the LGBT community she has taken those skills learned as a buyer at Nordstrom and created something more pertinent and something more uniquely her. Dewberries is a boutique with heart, and Kennedy is a force worth watching. (

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