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Finally! Places to rest our travelling heads—that are just as “unique” as us lezzies. Unusual and Unique Hotels of The World’s site offers the wackiest variety of lodgings Curve has ever seen. Unique highlights bizarre and awe–inspiring lodgings around the world, from Engleberg Switzerland’s Iglu–Dorf hotel, an igloo created by designer Adrian Günter who moves 3,000 tons of snow every December to re–build it. To Turkey’s The Mamara Antalya, the world’s only revolving hotel. So if  you want to impress that cute butch you’ve been seeing why not take her to the romantic-but-tough Sala Silvermine in Västmanland, Switzerland where guests stay 155 meters underground in a historic mine or to Fairbanks, Alaska’s mountainside train-turned-hotel, the Aurora Express.

While these exotic locations are on the highest end of Unusual’s price-scale—which ranges from “fantastic value” to “once-in-a-lifetime”—you don’t have to go to a far-off land or break your bank to get unique. Take The Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho. The world’s largest Beagle sleeps four in its two-story wooden body and has guests using fire-hydrant-shaped toilets. Not much of an animal person? Try the Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Lago, Fla., which is only accessible with diving equipment, and about as close as you’re going to get to that mermaid fantasy you’ve been hounding your girl about.

If none of these have caught your eye, Unusual’s interactive website allows you to search by categories such as “eco resort” and “fantasy theme”, by personal interests such as “sunshine” and “city break,” by hotel-types like “castles” and “treehouses,” or through their clickable world map. While their custom search engine was a bit disappointing, and turned nothing up with keywords like “gay,” “lesbian” and “dyke-a-licious,” chances are these places have seen queerer things than you. (www.unusualhotelsoftheworld.com)

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