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CURVE caught up with A Shot at Love contestant Ashli Haynes at her coming-out bash at the O Bar in West Hollywood, Calif. Haynes’ guests, including co-contestant Amanda Ireton, joined her in her private cabana or out on the dance floor. And yes, ladies, she’s still a virgin.

Tell us about your coming-out party tonight!

The show was really my coming out. Before that my family didn’t know, most my friends didn’t know. Now I’m having a coming out party; a way to celebrate.

You go by Ashli the Virgin. Do you think your lack of sexual experience might have been one of the reasons you didn’t get picked?

When Tila eliminated me, she said she respected me too much to make me feel uncomfortable, and didn’t want to put me in a position that maybe I couldn’t handle. I think me being a virgin definitely had some influence on her.

How overdramatized was the show from what happened in your experience?

Everything you saw, as far as drama and confrontation, was true. It was not scripted at all. There was no need to overdramatize anything. You take a whole bunch of people from different life experiences, different walks of life, and you’re going to get that.

Especially when you throw them all in the same bed!

Absolutely! Lesbians and straight guys—crazy shit is going to happen. People are naturally competitive and there was competition between the guys and the girls because we didn’t know who she was going to choose.

Were you surprised by the final two?

As far as the people, in retrospect it makes sense.

Have you been hit on since the show? I’m sure that everyone wants to be the one to deflower you.

I get approached a lot. Maybe people approach me because of what I look like, or whatever, but a lot of the times people approach me because of the show. Lots of people do just want to get a chance at the fresh meat.

Have you had any romantic encounters, people that you’ve been interested in and seen more than once?

I’ve been seeing someone.

In terms of approaching the idea of having sex, are you two going slow?

The person that I’m seeing has been really honest with me in terms of why she wants to be with me and what she likes about me. She’s made it perfectly clear that we can take our time, there’s no rush, and I really appreciate that.

What are you working on now that the show’s over?

Right now I’m working on my demo. I have this one song that I completed and it’s really hot, called “Reality,” produced by Russell Weiner. It’s like pop meets gospel meets rock.

Are you more attracted to femmes or butches? Or you don’t have a preference?

Honestly, I’m more attracted to femmes. I have more masculine friends and I get it and I’m open to it. If I were to meet someone that I just clicked with like that than why the hell not?

So Dani’s not your type, necessarily?

It’s funny, but I actually did start to fall for Dani. She’s a really charming woman. She has such a good spirit. She’s very intuitive and observant and she pays attention. She got me before I even had to open my mouth. I connected with her.

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