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Were you surprised sort of by the affect that it did ultimately have on you?

Barcellos: Oh yeah. I used to be so good at turning emotion on and off and not feeling and totally controlling whatever happens, like emotionally to me and then getting in there and realizing that this is still a competition, and the only way I have a chance of staying in is if I open up all this different stuff. And if I wanna take this seriously I need to go through all the motions of it.

Was there a lot of opportunity for you guys to just have a cathartic moment back at the house after these brutal sessions—especially after the infidelity discussion? 

Wilson: That day was I think the hardest for everybody. So we all just went back to the house and started drinking and talking about it and, it got emotional at times, and we got pissed, and then we got really happy. Like, Let’s not talk about it anymore. [Laughs] 

Gotcha. So, you know, obviously the craziness extended beyond the therapy sessions and back into the houses. Which one of you two do you think has lived in the craziest house?

Wilson: You know, I think the tools' house is probably a lot more emotional. I mean, emotions were running high in both houses, but I think when you’re living with a bunch of alpha people…they get all competitive, so things can get really, really crazy. But, you know, we did have our spats at the girls’ house. In a house full of women and one guy, there’s going to be some drama. 

Barcellos: It was hard to live with a bunch of dudes. I’m an alpha female, so it was just weird to be around male versions of me walking around the house, and I don’t know, in the back of my head I was worried about Cheron, like I wondered what it’s like over there? If it gets bad is she gonna hit somebody, because that’s what I’m thinking over here. I had it worse. She had it really easy.

There was definitely a lot of ego in that house, and I think one of the finest Tool Academy moments was watching you crush Chasyn’s ego in that wrestling match. How did it feel to just put him in his place like that?

Barcellos: Oh man…Chasyn should never come back to wrestling. He just kind of chose a lose-lose situation. One, he agreed to wrestle a girl, even if I was as big as Chyna. You’re still bad, you’re wrestling a girl and then you got beat by a girl. I would never go back to wrestling, I’d probably move to another country.

I noticed that Jennavecia takes a lot of heat from the other guys in the house, did you have any of that?

Barcellos: I was more or less on an equal playing field with them. They didn’t see me as a threat because one, I’m not attracted to any of them and two, if I’m chill enough to be in the house with them and get along with them they just kind of figured she was. With Jennavecia they were, as you can see in the show, they were all over her in Mexico. And to get to the house and be like, Oh shit I gotta live with this girl from here on was a different show.

Seems like they wanted to pass the blame.

Barcellos: Yeah. And she has that outspoken—excuse my language—don’t give a fuck type of attitude so it’s easy to go on. You know, I have my own thoughts on her. But it’s just one of those things, where it’s much easier to pass the blame after you were hitting on her and grabbing her and kissing her. Then all a sudden you hear what she has to say on her little video or whatever and you just call her a slut, and oh she was all over me. It’s just one of those things where an excuse—I’ve used that excuse. Like, Oh she was just a slut. I was not trying to get on that.

Cheron, were you ever concerned about Courtney and Jennavecia living in the same house?

Wilson: I think I was worried at first, knowing Courtney’s history, but um, [she] is not cute. She is not good looking.  She’s trashy and slutty and as far as I am concerned—Courtney has never dated a girl like that… I found out when we are on the show that she was on Bad Girls Club and I was like, Go figure. She was raised in a brothel, for crying out loud. I was just surprised that on the show Kyle stuck with it that long, you know?

Did you see her when she was on The Bad Girls Club? Were you familiar with her antics?

Barcellos: No. I had never watched The Bad Girls Club and then, you know, it was mentioned.  She admitted to it.  And I had heard of The Bad Girls Club and I just laughed.  And then when I got home I watched it and I laughed even harder.  Jennavceia’s so far from my type of woman.  I like women that look like models and have a personality. 

Courtney, the show starts off really focused on your behavior but not very much about you as a person. What would you like the audience to know that maybe they’re not going to get from the show?

Barcellos: In the first episode I came off as such an ass. And I was cracking myself up watching myself. Holy hell, Courtney. You’re crazy at times. And I’m actually a reserved, very caring person. When I let someone in my life I will care about them and take care of them the best I can. But most people would never guess that, especially after seeing the show.

Has the show been a positive influence in your life?

Barcellos: The show helped me realize that I do have what would be described as foolish ways. I’ve learned a lot about myself and it’s helped me be more comfortable. I’ve known that I’ve been gay for years and years and years and with some people if I felt semi-comfortable with them would be like, Oh yeah bi…and then down the road be like, Oh yeah I’m lesbian, I only like women. So the show gave me the strength and the willingness to really accept who I am. It’s been the most rewarding thing. The show is intense and I do want to become a better person.

Wilson: I’m a lot stronger of a person. I have a backbone now. I’m not going to continue letting people walk all over me. I really found myself because before the show, I was kinda lost. I got out of a divorce a year ago and then I jump into another relationship with a woman. The show really, really helped. The therapy with Trina was amazing and you get to bond with other women—and men—that are experiencing the same thing that you are. So you know you’re not alone.

So having gone through the experience, you’re an expert. Do you a think a tool can change its ways? Does a tool change its stripes?

Barcellos: Yeah, I’m living proof. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything.


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