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Queer “Gypsy” Fans Devastated By Show’s Cancellation

Say what you want about the quality of the plot, but the lesbian love scenes were hot.


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Despite being almost universally panned by critics, LGBTQ fans of Netflix’s original series Gypsy are up in arms about the show’s sudden cancellation after just one season.


The show followed the developing and simultaneously unraveling relationship between its two bisexual leads, psychotherapist Jean, played by Naomi Watts, and Sidney, a band member and part-time barista, played by Sophie Cookson. Of course, Sidney happens to be Jean’s patient’s ex-girlfriend, Jean herself is married to a man, and everyone is out to manipulate everyone else, apparently.


Nothing much happens apart from this will-they, won’t-they, except, as Ben Travers from IndieWire writes, we discover that Jean is “just a terrible therapist who uses poorly-formed psychoanalysis as an excuse to give in to her temptations. At best, she’s a free spirit who doesn’t want to be married. At worst, she’s an unstoppable narcissist who loves to lie.”


The New York Times called it “well-made bad TV,” and AVClub wrote that it was “as subtle as syphilis.” Ouch.



Jean took it to another level #gypsy #ontherun #dianeslastlaugh #peaceout ❤️

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However, LGBTQ viewers are, as ever, starved for LGBTQ content – especially female LGBTQ content. Bisexual characters are particularly underrepresented, so it was great to see two leads identifying as bi, too.


And the sexual tension between Watts and Cookson is, admittedly, hot as hell. The eventual sex scene is explosive. Plus, seeing a mainstream popular actress like Naomi Watts commit to the queer sizzle is both gratifying and encouraging for future LGBTQ representation in mainstream TV and cinema.


Inspired by the successful grassroots, mostly LGBTQ-pushed, campaign to return Netflix’s cancelled Sense8 series to our screens, Gypsy fans have rallied and created a petition to bring back the show for second season. The aim was to get 10,000 signatures, and it’s currently sitting at 9,478.


So if you’re a Gyspy fan, and want the chance to see the show develop and perhaps become more than it could be in just one season, you can sign the petition.


If you’re not that fussed about Gypsy, but want more girl-on-girl content, check out our go-to shows available on Netflix here.


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