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Janet King S03E07 Recap: Wake up Janet!

Janet’s blindness surrounding her father and her work puts her relationship with Bianca, and Richard’s life, in grave danger.




Good lordy – is this show trying to kill me? It feels like either death by a thousand cuts or waterboarding or extreme sleep-deprivation, when maybe a fourbytwo to the back of the head might be the kindest option… The possibility of an unhappy ending for our lovely lesbians is my very own Room 101. Of course I want to know who the big boss of the gambling syndicate is, and how they’re making it all happen, and how our DT is going to solve the big mystery, and I really, really want Janet to just GROW UP and accept her father is a complete a’hole and realise she DOES NOT NEED HIS APPROVAL. But the biggest, most important thing to me is my 101… please, please, please give the lesbians a happy ending!



Immediately that episode 7 ended  - yes we are already up to the LAST EPISODE THIS WEEK… Oh the pain, no announcement of a series 4 yet but please ABC, you have to give us something to look forward to – the two most talked about plot points on social media were – who did Wes whack, but even more so; what the hell is Janet doing to her relationship with Bianca? The little corner of the Twittersphere that is the ‘Janet King’ fandom went into complete meltdown – with this basic message to the ABC; please let Janet and Bianca find their happy place. I’ll share with you my tweets about it – and believe me these are just a drop in the ocean, although I think I can speak for most lesbians, and a helluva a lot of straight people too who have declared themselves honourary lesbians in support of the cause. #SaveJanetAndBianca






Not surprising there are so many. I’ve always been known for my verbosity.


Other than ‘please give us another series’, we’d really like a LONGER series (not asking for much, you know 10-12 eps would be nice), and we’d like to know about it soon so we’re not left in emotional pain and discomfort wondering if / when we’ll get our next fix of Janet, hopefully living in domestic bliss with Bianca.


And if we don’t get any more (doesn’t bear thinking about), and Marta Dusseldorp happens to be reading these words – can I say THANK YOU for the years that you have brought us the magnificent Janet. The love our community has for this character is enormous, and you have played her with generosity, empathy and understanding. And to Anita Hegh – if you’re reading – goddammit woman, Bianca is the bomb (I know that’s so 2010, but alliteration, you know!) and we want you back! Janet and Bianca are OTP, they are endgame and @ABCTV you MUST MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


Okay, enough of my whining. Onto the show. Janet’s chatting with her father who is now out of hospital and staying with her until he’s better. He’s pretty bruised and battered and getting around with a walking stick. She’s quite happy to have him there to be able to spend ‘some time together’, but his approach is more, ‘I’ve declared bankruptcy, so the bed is appreciated while they sell off all my assets and I deal with this court case, which I have no intention of not winning.’ Her look of longing at him, but his odd – evil – little look at Janet as she walks out the door is rather ominous, and I don’t like it one bit.


Resting evil face.


Owen arrives at a cafe for a brief chat with Darren Faulks. Seems after their golf round they’re developing quite the ‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ relationship and they agree to ‘look into’ the possibilities of a deal. Faulks is very specific that Owen doesn’t bring his phone as those ‘tech-types can turn that into a microphone in a second.’ It’s all good, Owen left it in the car. Owen wants the low down on some safe punts and he’s heard around the traps that Faulks is the man to offer some good tips (yeah like hell he does – little weasel is just trying to beat Janet to the punch and solve the NCC’s mystery), and in return Faulks wants his mate Wesley Foster released on bail, despite being caught with unlicensed firearms. Hands are shook, and they’ll be in touch. Owen calls someone called Simon, and says he has an up date on the ‘situation’ and then back at the DPP tells Lina a great bit fat furphy that he’s been told not to oppose any bail hearings, so for her to just let everyone who doesn’t have any priors to walk out.


At the NCC Janet and Tony are discussing their use of Richard as the undercover person to get to Faulks. Tony’s worried they coerced him, Janet’s saying it’s almost like he wanted to do it, like he wanted to ‘prove something.’ Bonnie bounces in to let them know that Darren’s house, phones, cars and his family’s phones and everyone connected to him are all wired up and Tony almost has a conniption (thanks Bianca/writers) at the thought of the cost. Janet authorised it, says Bonnie. “A big public win would help you enormously,” Tony suggests. She fires back, “I’m not doing it for me.” Tony walks right up into her personal space, “Nonetheless, more than one cabinet minister has asked me whether you’re back in top gear. The timing would be exquisite.” I think we forget just how powerful a woman Janet really is. She doesn’t reply, but Bonnie gives her a good long look, no doubt wondering if there’s truth in Owen’s comments that she’s after his job.


You don’t need Owen’s job Jaz – you can aim higher than that!


So next we have Bonnie out for lunch with Owen. She’s taking photos of her new main squeeze on her iPhone as he’s asking, ‘which cabinet ministers?’ Oooh Bouncy you have a big mouth! Remember who’s paying your wages! Owen’s trés uncomfortable at having his pic taken, but Bonnie justifies it saying that Jaz won’t see it, she’s not on anything (in terms of social media of course), but Owen knows if anyone sees it, that his romancing someone from deep inside the NCC is going to look exactly like what it is – a great big scam. Is Bonnie going to get her heart broken? Or is she scamming him too? Because there is nothing legit about this burgeoning relationship. Owen is convinced that Janet’s after his job, but ‘it’s lucky he’s one step ahead’, and Bonnie warns him not to underestimate her. But he knows just how clever she is, “Oooh never… not Janet.”


Mr Piping-Hot, Above Average does not like having his photo taken by a social media savvy millennial. But exactly what is Bonnie up to?


Andy and Lina are doing a handover of baby stuff out the front of the DPP, and Andy’s going nuts that Wes Foster is being let out of prison. Lina’s issue is more that she has to go home on babysitting duties when Andy promised he’d do the Daddy Daycare thing. But he said, Wayne Page busted his knee and Bianca needed someone urgently, and you know what it’s like for me being the only cop in Sydney. So off he goes to the NCC to tell Bianca and Janet that Foster is out because the minister has said that too much money is being spent on keeping petty criminals locked up which is all Owen’s lies, lies and damned lies. But Janet’s pretty pissed off that the day they need Darren’s head thug behind bars so Richard can slide into his place, is the day that Owen lets him out. Bianca orders a warrant to have Wes’s place bugged, and tells Andy to tail him but make it obvious, they want him to know he’s being watched. Janet questions Bonnie whether Richard has contacted Darren yet, but apparently, according to Bonnie, he’s still making his will. Careful Bouncy, your smart-arse comments credit limit is still pretty low with Jaz. Richard makes that call to Darren – on the premise of bringing over the cricket bat he bought for him in episode 1, and manages to get himself invited to a little Darren Faulks gathering, with a  ‘few people’ he’s got coming around. He’s shitting himself.


Dazza, Richie Stirlo, mate. If I bring that cricket bat of yours around do you promise me you won’t whack me over the head with it?


Ooh, so tetchy Janet makes her first appearance of the episode. She wants it all – to build a relationship with Graham, but she doesn’t want it to have any impact on her relationship with Bianca. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too Janet – did you not learn this in the last episode? She pretty much expects Bianca will turn up to her place after she’s done at work, but Bianca does the unexpected and says she won’t get there tonight. “You’ve got Graham there, haven’t you? Have you talked to him yet?” Janet says, well he’s preparing for the court case, and sweet Bianca, who’s just trying to be helpful and supportive tells her that she has to be the one to start talking – he won’t do it. The white tigress is suddenly roaring, “I know that!” and she leaves on fairly disharmonious terms, unused as she is to not getting it all her way.



Back at home, Zoe da Costa – full of the ‘flu – has picked the kids up for athletics training and Graham is blabbing about what a ‘true champion’ she is and how she won ‘through sheer force of will’. Whether or not he’s genuine or having a dig at Janet, I’m not sure. He’s sacked his idiot lawyer, he informs her, and as a bankrupt he’s going to be representing himself because he can’t exactly turn up to court with a $10,000 a day barrister. Janet offers hers and Tony’s assistance in preparing his case, because ‘let’s face it, you’ve made a wrong decision or two,’ at which point he speaks right over the top of her saying, “Just because the outcome was unexpected doesn’t mean the decision was wrong”. She backs down. He reluctantly agrees that ‘it could be helpful.’ Arrogant prick.


Richard rocks up to Darren’s place, cricket bat in hand. He’s seriously packing it wondering what he’s got himself into. He hands over the bat and Faulks makes a wisecrack that it’s probably doubled in value now that Clay’s dead. Nice. Richard inadvertently lets him know that through Maxine he knows Darren has some “stuff” he’s involved in… but that he’s forgotten it all now of course. Darren is a little bit suspicious about what he knows, but invites Richard to stay for a few drinks. Among the partygoers, Flynn Pearce, is snorting coke off his phone to which Faulks says to Shannon Hinksman – using his own shit again, is he? Keep an eye on him, will you? Flynn might want to be careful he doesn’t outlive his use by date as the supplier to the “cool kids”.


Darren makes what seems to be small talk – why did you want to become a lawyer, Richard says I like money… they tell some lawyer jokes, and next thing up walks Nate Baldwin. Just a short time earlier, Richard was Nate’s hero, but here he is at Faulks’ party calling him a ‘dickhead’, saying, ‘you know what you did’ and telling Darren, ‘don’t worry I’m not gonna hit him but he got Lucy when she was alone and fed her all this shit about how I controlled her money and was keeping her trapped, and now she’s left me.’ THANK FUCK, thinks Richard, that he’s not talking about that ‘other thing’ I did with Lucy. Nate shoves Richard to the ground, “as if she’d ever want to root a piece of shit like you!” (oh please don’t ever let that particular word leave the Australian vernacular!). Richard claims the better part of the insult (that he rooted Lucy, not that he’s a piece of shit), and gains a fair bit of kudos from Faulks. Suddenly he’s got a toe in the cool kids’ door.


Yes, my non-Australian friends, ‘rooted’ is a rather crass euphemism for what it looks like Nate is about to say. But oh, so very Aussie!


Wes is released from prison, and Andy makes a big show of sitting outside his flat, taking photos of him. Wes lets Andy know that he knows that Andy’s there with a cheeky wave. Janet sends an image to Richard reminding him that this guy is a killer, so be very careful around him. “Remember it’s the money trail we’re after. We can’t get him (Faulks) on anything else, but eventually he’s going to want to get his hands on his money.” Come on Rich – we need you to be the good guy, and turn back from Richie Stirlo to Richard Stirling before the end of the next episode!


Golf course – new BFFs Owen and Darren are playing a round. Darren is asking about Richard – what do you know about him? Used to be a nerd, now he’s a big shot celebrity lawyer. They both give him big wraps for ‘banging Lucy Baldwin’ (misogynistic morons) and Darren is checking out Richard’s connections to the NCC – is he mates with anyone there? Nah, says Owen, he wouldn’t be on their radar at all. Good, says Faulks, wouldn’t want to get him into trouble if I asked him any legal advice, because I’ve bumped into a few of those NCC types a couple of times myself. Oh and beeteedubs, says Owen, your man Wes Foster is out on bail. Faulks definitely has the upper hand here – yeah I know, he replies. Then it gets interesting, and Faulks is no dumbo. I can help you out with some betting tips he says. But Owen might just be about to shit in the nest he’s building, as he says, my position, you know, I need to go offshore, hoping for some insider info tips from one of your contacts on international games. Darren looks hard at him – they’re just tips, they’re not certainties. Owen says he’s just aware that some people have more skill for calculating probability, that’s all, and Darren pops his short putt in the hole. Meanwhile, the phone that’s been left behind in the office receives a text, one that Lina sneaks a peak at as she drops off some files on Owen’s desk. A text that seems to pique her interest significantly!


Are you getting yourself in deeper than you realize Owen?


Shannon Hinksman drops in to see Wes Foster and hands him a pack in a plastic ziplock. Wes indicates that Andy’s outside and that his place is probably bugged. Janet and Bonnie are listening in as Hinksman and Foster talk general stuff about the NCC being full of shit and they’ve got nothing on him. Shannon digs around and finds a pad and pen, and writes a note, passes it to Wes. Back at NCC HQ, they get nothing – it’s the ‘old pretend to be talking about one subject but write the real one on the notepad trick again.’ Max and 99 would not fall for that one!


The DT are trying to work out how Faulks has so many contacts and so much influence. Maybe you just have to be nice to people, be generous and curry favours. “Carrots work well”, says Janet drily, “so long as you’ve got a big stick to use sometimes as well”. According to Bianca, Darren’s been home all day, although his girlfriend left the house, and he could have been in the boot of the car, but really, according to surveillance, he and his phone have been at home all along. Good segue for Tony to head home, taking the big box of files on Janet’s father to look through – now that he’s no longer ‘entangled in all this’ (hmmm… I’m not so sure), he’s happy to do it.


This leaves our favourite lesbians in the room together, alone. The last non-work conversation they had saw the white tigress almost chomp the… I’m going to go with the lioness. Lionesses are chasers and hunters (like cops), they’re fearless and work in teams (like cops) but they also nurture (like Bianca) and care for the pride (like Bianca)… so yeah, she’s a lioness… lioness’ head off. Now I made all those traits up just from my own knowledge of that particular animal, but as for white tigers, I did a bit of research, to see what I could tell you about our white tiger, because it just seems so fitting for our lovely blonde-haired, blue-eyed protagonist.


I know my lioness is behind me; now I must not fuck this up.


Apparently, the white tiger is revered in many Asian cultures for the following reasons. They are calm, generous, and courageous, and enjoy the unpredictability of life, never being scared to explore new things (tick – Janet). They do not enjoy being trapped in a situation and can become aggressive if they find themselves trapped (tick – Janet). Tigers tend to trust their instincts (tick – Janet… sometimes too much). White tigers get irritated very easily, but unlike other tigers, they are able to hold in their frustrations to themselves for a while before losing it (tick). Tigers are sensitive and emotional and can sometimes become too intense when they are in love (tick). While they are capable of being passionate, they can be territorial and possessive (tick, tick, tick). Their best partner is someone who is committed and can quietly pursue their own plans in life (tick). Tigers are always in a hurry to get things done right, so they prefer to work alone (tick). They are hard-working by nature and will work with enthusiasm and efficiency (tick). They are optimistic and full of determination (tick). The tigers’ drive makes it difficult for them to deal well with failure (tick, tick, tick). They are natural born leaders (tick). So yeah, Janet’s a white tiger, but right at this moment, she’s like a little puppy with her tail between her legs as she tries to make up to her lioness for being so snappy at her yesterday. 


So… *Semi-cute lesbian alert*


Janet’s looking all coy, a little uncomfortable and very hopeful that things are ok… which I’m pretty sure is not how she’s used to feeling. Bianca’s packing up papers and files, and Janet invites her for dinner, in a way that she half expects her to say no, but she’s thought – I’m just going to ask her anyway. Our lioness is not going to let her off the hook that easily, and questions if Graham is back in his own place. “No, he’s still there… but it’s Indian curry night.”


(Excruciatingly long pause as Bianca considers whether or not she wants to be there while Graham is in the house.).


Finally, “I’m in”… and Janet looks so happy and relieved, you just have to think that the conflict from last week, and Janet’s hard-headedness, is well behind them.


I shall entice you with not only my beauty but also the promise of delicious food.


Food and beauty, you say? How can I refuse?


Indian curry night, but apparently Graham prefers home-cooked food and doesn’t like spicy food. Oh just shut up and eat what’s provided for you, you old sook. Liam wibbles and wobbles and manages to pull out a tooth, and there’s much discussion on how much he should get from then tooth fairy. Janet defers to Bianca for how much Emma received last time (yes, she remembers!), and it seems that $2 is the going rate, what with tooth-fairy inflation to consider and all that. Kids and Janet head upstairs to choose something to watch before bedtime, and it seems as though there might be a tiny crack in the ice between Bianca and Graham as he begins to recount a tale of when Janet was about 8 and she lost a tooth. It’s a kinda cute story about a logical and strong-willed young child, saying if the tooth fairy is true then she’ll be able to find the tooth wherever it is, and thus hid it in a shell under her bed. We – the audience – think that Graham must have once had a bit of a sweet side, as he tells Bianca how he searched for an hour in the dark until he found it…   


You’re sounding like a half-decent fellow, but my sargey-sense is tingling and it’s telling me you’re actually still an a’hole.                 


Bianca asks why he never contacted Janet after he and her mother split, and Graham replies, I sent cards, and she always knew where to contact me… There’s a sense that more is coming with this story, but at that moment, Janet bounces downstairs having set the kids up with their ‘one hour screen time’. Turns out the ‘sweet little tooth fairy story’ wasn’t so sweet after all, but a battle of wills between a little girl whose logical mind had stopped believing that the tooth fairy existed, and a headstrong father, determined to prove her wrong, and himself right. His crawling around to find the tooth was to make sure she ‘get didn’t one up on him that easily’, and she was made to hold up and repeat, ‘the tooth fairy is real, the tooth fairy is real.’ She looks pained as she says to him, “I was a little girl, 7 years old.” Then she tells him she was right anyway. Always the battle…


Here’s to you always having to be right, even when I was 7 years old.


He claims they were both right, that the tooth fairy, like Santa Claus and wonder, are all real, even though they’re not tangible things, they’re representations of what you do to make your children happy, to show you love them. “Is that why you crawled around to find the tooth? Because you loved me?” She’s desperate for him to say yes. “Isn’t that what you wanted me to do?” is all the old bastard can manage. Awkward silence as Janet looks down at him, Bianca looks at Janet’s hurt reaction, and Graham declares, “I’m going up to have a shower.” And he makes his exit, leaving Janet’s emotions exposed yet again. But this time she has beautiful Bianca to lean on, to put her arms around her, to tell her she loves her!!


Do you even?


*Cue beautiful lesbian moment alert, which then turns very sour very quickly*


BUT – Janet, being Janet only half lets her in… so when Bianca gently says, “You have to tell him how much he’s hurting you. If you want to an apology you have to tell him.” Janet’s adamant, “No, he hates self-pity… I can’t.” And she breaks down in tears. “I can’t tell him…” Bianca reaches out to her, “… that he shattered my whole life and then ask for something to make me feel better, I can’t do that.” Janet sits down beside Bianca… “I want…” Bianca’s hand moves up to gently caress Janet’s neck, “You want him to love you.” Janet turns to look at Bianca, “Yes, by knowing what he’s done to me but without…” Bianca interrupts, and gently, ever-so-gently, says, “without telling him how you feel? Don’t you see what’s missing here? He won’t be open till you do.” But it’s Janet’s scars that are opening up… “No I can’t go first, I won’t go first, I go first, I lose.”


Come here, let me love you.


And then – the white tigress suddenly feels cornered, trapped, irritated, emotional, territorial and is not dealing well with what she sees as failure, so she lashes out and becomes aggressive – and don’t we often find that when all that stuff bubbles to the surface, we lash out at the person we feel closest to? You’re pissed off at work, so you take it our on your girlfriend; the kids are being annoying, so you argue with your wife; you’re parents are giving you the shits, so you’re snappy with your partner – why do we do this? And Janet does it to Bianca, who just wants to love her and support her and help her deal with that wanker of a father of hers. Our lovely lesbian moment turns ugly in the blink of an eye. And it’s heartbreaking!


Back off, I don’t need ANYONE!


Janet shrugs herself away from Bianca, “Don’t tell me how to deal with my father, yeah? It’s our relationship.” Bianca’s having none of this, sick of being pushed aside, when all she wants to do is be Janet’s EQUAL in this relationship. “And obviously it’s the most important one in your life at the moment…” Big huff from Janet, like ‘whatever’. But Bianca pushes on, “And until that changes… Look Janet I’m in love with you…” (aaarrrggghhhh all the feeeeeellsss!!!) “But sometimes I feel like I’m nothing in your life, you’re only interested in me when no one else is around. When you’re with Pearl, I’m second fiddle, your father, I’m second…” Janet’s turn to interrupt, whispering aggressively, “Second fiddle? I asked you to move in with me!” Good point… and one which sits Bianca back a bit, “Janet, I – “ But Janet hasn’t finished - she’s mad now - as she says through clenched teeth, “I’ve just got quite a lot going on at the moment, in case you hadn’t realised.” AND BIANCA WANTS TO BE THERE FOR YOU JANET! WHY CAN’T YOU SEE THAT? LOVE HER JANET!!! So Bianca puts some distance between them – hands up in front of her in what looks to be a conciliatory measure, but is probably more like self-preservation, “Well why don’t you sort all that out first, and then we can talk about us. Good idea?” Janet walks away and in a very off-hand manner replies, “Yeah good idea.” Bianca grabs her things, and says, “See you tomorrow,” as she heads out the door. No reply from Janet, as she drops Liam’s tooth into a glass of water, the look on her face impossible to read. Hearts break across the nation… Seriously, I am dying here. Please give them a happy ending!


I invited you to co-habitate with me.


Do my ears deceive me? You force a stake through my heart woman.



Cut to Andy dropping off Lina at work, they’re chatting about Owen running off ‘to make out with his babe’, which he’s done a few times this week, and once he even left his phone behind. And whoever this ‘Bonnie’ is, Lina tells Andy, she’s a goer, her explicit sext even made Lina blush. Andy reports this info to Janet and Tony, and they work out where Bonnie knows him from, and that no matter how discrete Bonnie may have been, Owen would have found out something. He got involved with her for a reason – well another reason, says Tony, I’m gonna kill her! Tony wonders if she’s the leak about telling Faulks who’s coming and going, Janet says it could have been someone in the café, she’s not that stupid, she’s already made one big mistake, she won’t make another. “Says the woman who calls her Bouncy,” is Tony’s very dry reply. [And isn’t our tigress very good at hiding her pain – no wonder she’s the great Janet King. Father is an arse, things are on the rocks with her gf, they’re getting nowhere fast with the NCC and she still has her work face on. Enthusiastic, efficient, determined and driven…]


Bouncing Bonnie in the background – just how bouncy is she?


Another Faulks gathering. Richie and the boys are playing cards – including the South African cricketer from ep1, and Wasim, the guy whose house was burned down by Faulks’ goon, Wes Foster. They finish up, and Darren takes Richard aside, saying you got no idea how to play, but when I called you made it sound like you played all the time. Stirlo says, you’re right, I don’t play, but I’m keen to be in it because you have people who need lawyers who pay big money, and I want my name to be the one you give them, and that’s the truth. Darren steps right up in his face – fucken better be, cos you only get one chance with me. Poor old Richard has to hold the poker face he was so bad at just moments before, when Darren says, ‘now, I might have something for ya.’ Potential crisis averted. He tells him another one of his goons got done for DUI, could Richard get him off. Richard puts it to Darren that the guy needs his licence for work, and says, ‘leave it to me.’


Darren then says he has a little favour for Richard to do for him. Someone needs to pick drunk guy’s car up – can he go with Shannon Hinksman and drop the car off for him, get a cab back to the house? Then he hands him $200 for his time. Richard heads off with Shannon, and Darren sits down with the two cricketers. He asks for the number of the guy from Karachi – the one that gave him the money to put money on the Pittman wide. Wasim, all cocky, says, “what’s in it for me?” Darren doesn’t like this, and a shadow darkens his face (good actor this Robert Mammone – very natural and convincing), “You kidding me? When you needed your insurance money who organised the fire? So cut the bullshit and give me his number… Deal?” Richard’s on his way out with Hinksman, trying to press him for info, but these thug types, don’t take too easily to letting clean-cut lawyer types in on their dirty business. ‘Just doing drop offs, no, don’t wanna do them first.’


Testing, Testing, Richie Stirlo, Testing.


Meanwhile Andy’s sitting outside Wes’s house – I am concerned that the entire city of Sydney is in danger of going to wrack and ruin if Andy’s not out there doing his best Batman keeping everyone safe – but big boss Bianca (how cool is it that this show has such strong and capable women in the key roles of power and authority, and they happen to be lesbians who are in love? [Another plug for that happy ending please]). Wes turns up the stereo nearly blowing Bonnie’s eardrums out (and mine too, if truth be told, as I rewatch this episode with my cans on!), and Wes prepares a syringe of some unknown white powder substance. At first I thought, oh, so he’s a junkie, that’s how Darren keeps him doing his dirty work, by supplying his drugs, but then I thought, if he were a junkie, he’d probably make mistakes, and so far, he’s managed to keep himself pretty clean on the rap sheet. So who’s this hot shot for?


‘Accidental’ O/D anyone?


Ok, so here it gets really action-y. Richard gets dropped off outside the warehouse with the cash and phones, and immediately calls Janet, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Hinksman. He advises them to stick on Hinksman as he’s just dropping off some drunk guy’s car. Janet thinks maybe Shannon’s the decoy, while Richard is doing the real drop off, so Tony wants them both followed. Bianca is out in the car, so asks where Richard is, presumably to go to follow him. Andy calls in that Wes is on the move and IT’S ALL HAPPENING AT ONCE!


Wes goes off on foot, Andy follows, but in all the little lanes and alleys, Wes loses him. I was dead sure Andy was going to cop a great lump of wood across the head as he rounded a corner, so at least that didn’t happen! Janet instructs Richard to take the car where it’s got to go, then find a safe spot and watch it as it may have something in it. But does Richard do that? No, of course not. Because he’s tough Richie Stirlo who rooted Lucy Baldwin, he thinks he’s invincible, so he checks the boot of the car, finds a suitcase with a combo lock and tries to open the fricken thing. YOU ARE NOT A FOOTY MEATHEAD, NOR A STUD MUFFIN RICHARD, YOU ARE A SENSIBLE, INTELLIGENT BARRISTER SO WHY YOU ACT SO STOOPID?



Bianca has followed Hinksman and he’s back at the fave café hangout of Faulks and crew, she’s snapping some cop shots (very hot), and next thing Flynn Pearce turns up and hands a roll of cash to the guy Hinksman is sitting with. But as it turns out, Shannon was just the decoy as Janet suspected, so she tells Bonnie to let Bianca know she can come back (tell her yourself Janet!).


Come back to me Bibi! (Also gratuitous lesbian cop hotness…)


Richard obvi can’t get the suitcase open, so he just leaves it at the last combo he tried. He tells Janet that a woman has come to collect the suitcase and is looking at the combination lock. Even I would put it back at the ‘000’ it was on – and when Janet asks him if he tried to open it, but at least put the same combo back on it again with an ‘oh shit Richard, please tell me you didn’t’ tone in her voice… and he avoids her question, you just know that this is going to end badly. ‘Okay it’s done now…” Richard tells her the woman has gone inside the building “RepExchange.” Bonnie checks it out – they specialise in overseas cash repatriation.


Tony explains that these companies gather up all the cash that people have in foreign currencies and send it back to the countries it came from – presumably to have it exchanged into Australian dollars for them. Janet twigs – so Darren has found someone to mislabel Australian dollars as euros or pounds and send it offshore. It’s simple but it’s clever. Off you go back to Darren’s, she tells Richard, be as charming as you can, then get out of there quickly. He gets there, and Darren is checking what Stirlo is up to tonight… ‘quiet night at home.’ Where’s home?’ ‘Coogee’ (oh right… very nice – clearly the money you’ve been making is worth more than the light beer at a pub in Bondi like you claimed to Maxine way back when!). ‘Which part?’ Richard is SQUIRMING! Darren sends him on his way as Hinksman comes back in. He asks Shannon how things went, “just what we thought” (Flynn?), and Shannon gestures towards Richard, “what about him.” Then OMINOUS! “Likewise,” he says. “Game plan stays the same. Shame cos I liked him, but still we can’t take chances, can we?”


Janet has instructed Andy to go and search Wes’s apartment – look for anything that might be useful. Andy breaks in (why does he not have a partner with him? I think we all know the answer to that.) to Wes’ flat and THANK GOD turns that death metal music down. He grabs a couple of burner phones from the table and finds nothing on either of them. Andy knows that Hinksman must have given him a message, so checks the bin and finds the note (which for a goon like Hinksman was written in very quick time!). “He still might be useful tomorrow, but after that we don’t want him hanging around.” Bonnie looks horrified, as though she’s had something to do with this. Is she involved? Or concerned for Richard? Owen? Or just a red herring? Aargghh, scared!


Good God Janet is HARD, I wonder if she’s trying to prove to her father just how tough she is. Or if she’s running on the emotion from her bust-up with Bianca (nah…). Tony wants to abort the operation – an ‘order to kill’ changes everything. Janet says they’ve done everything they can to protect him – he’s not at home, there’s a plain-clothes cop outside his chambers, it might be someone else altogether. There’s no way she’s prepared to give in when she feels like they’re “this close” to busting everything open. They need to be as tough as the bad guys if they want to beat them. There’s that white-tigress – win at all costs.


He’ll be fine, Tony!


Hmmm… Lots of vision of Bouncy being ‘just nearby’, and looking a little on the suss side… who are you really Bonnie?


Tony and Janet are having their ‘prep Graham meeting’ and I swear this man is a total 100% narcissistic psychopath. He sees nothing wrong in anything he does. It’s either that, or he’s really, really unintelligent. And I don’t believe he’s dumb. The prosecution will outline the charges – nonsense followed by rubbish – and Tony tells him acting fraudulently isn’t nonsense or rubbish. “What was fraudulent?” God, the total arrogance just winds me up so badly I feel like I could scream! They role-play, Janet is Mrs Gibson, mum-and-dad investor who feels ripped off by the bogus prospectus, while Tony is the prosecutor. Pax lost $11million, they wanted to raise $12million apparently to expand the fleet, but really it was to service the debt. He argues semantics in the wording, and that the investors who lost their money should have read the fine print.


Janet very quickly switches from “Mrs Gibson” to Senior Crown Prosecutor / wounded daughter as she goes on the attack about what he did and didn’t say in the prospectus… Is it Mrs Gibson, SCP, or is it Janet who asks, “How can you lie and then walk away leaving me feeling angry and helpless, and not take any blame, no regret at all? How can you do that?” Tony tries to calm her down, but she stops him, “No, no, the question is, if you promise me the world, and then turn your back and walk away, how can you feel you don’t owe me some kind of explanation or apology?” Not sure those are Mrs Gibson’s words, just quietly. Graham stares her down…  “If you can’t accept an unforeseen outcome, you shouldn’t play in the stock market.” I don’t think that’s quite what she was getting at Big G. Prick.


Just for once in your miserable life, be honest, won’t you!


He maintains his company was successful, despite losing $11mil over the past two years – the Don was out for a duck in his last innings (sorry non-Aussie friends but that will make zero sense to you… but just push on!) but he wasn’t a failure. Janet is flabbergasted (seriously, how is it that anything this dick says or does still surprises her??), and asks him if success in life isn’t more about the things you do, rather than the ledger of ‘wins’ outbalancing that of ‘losses’. “Isn’t a better definition of success if we can look back and see the goodness and the kindness we’ve shown to other people?” She’s tearing up now, which will no doubt be REALLY pissing her off, as she does not want to show this weakness to him.


I cry, I lose. But at least I’m good and kind. Most of the time. (*Sorry Bianca)


She gets up to get them all a glass of wine and the old bastard can’t help himself, “you drink every night…” God, who wouldn’t? But FFS Janet, piss him off already, but she’s ready to concede again. He agrees to a glass, and while she’s off getting that, he has a chat to Tony. Misogynistic arse says that Janet – as a woman - must have been looking for a mentor and father figure when they met 15 years ago. Real fathers are better, replies Tony (bless him!). He’s grateful that Tony has ‘guided’ her, but Tony is insistent that from the second she stepped into a courtroom she was headed for the big time. He then claims she was a nervous kid, not brave (not with a father like you making her feel small and stupid all her life), but apparently she’s ‘special.’ Tell her that, says Tony (you old bastard). Graham brings up the tooth fairy story again and Janet reveals she found it in a cufflinks case. She looked for months, knowing he would have kept it as a winner’s trophy, but she smashed it when he left. But he never left her, he says, only your mother – you left me. I tried to talk to you but you wouldn’t listen.


White-tigress yells, “I was 17!” Grown up enough to be sensible about it, he says. Tony steps in and tells him – you were the adult, you needed to be the sensible one. The Big G loses it, “I wasn’t going to give you tears and apologies that weren’t justified. And truly strong people, they don’t live in the past.” He takes his leave, and Janet heads out for some fresh air. Crying on the kerbside out the front of her house, her phone pings… I was sooooooo hoping it was Bianca asking if she could come over to see her, as if by some lesbiterindipitous magic she knew her love was hurting, but it was just a boring old text from Bonnie saying there was nothing going on at the NCC.


Lesbiterindipity is a real thing. It’s related to gaydar.


Tony (again bless him) comes out to sit with her, and when she asks him what he most admires about her he tells her it’s her ‘uncompromising determination.’ And she believes she got it from Graham. Well I call bullshit! You developed that yourself IN SPITE of him, not BECAUSE of him. And if he did give it to you, it’s because he’s treated you like shit and you had to to survive, so it should be the last reason you love him. And you’re right, the arse is never going to change, and Tony’s right – in his own twisted way he does love you, but like all narcissists, he just loves himself more. BUT YOU’LL ALWAYS BE THE BETTER PERSON! Now please sort things out with Bibi so the lesbians can all be happy.


You’re the best Uncle Tony.


So here’s where it gets tricky again. The denouement of episode 7 is upon us. Richard is pacing in his chambers, no doubt terrified that Faulks has an order to kill out on someone, and it could be him. At the same time, we see Wes Foster, sitting inside some public toilets, getting ready to make some mischief with that syringe that Hinksman dropped off. And by that I mean, probably kill someone. Richard is busting to pee, so he carefully checks the corridor and heads up the stairs to the bathrooms. There’s a squeak of a door opening. Wes Foster stands up. Richard does what boys do when they pee. I’m desperately trying to check if the tiling / brickwork in these two bathrooms are the same and they look a very likely match. Richard hears the rustling of plastic behind him and looks around. Wes Foster exits a cubicle. A plastic bag is pulled down over someone’s head… and with the way this has been edited together we are OF COURSE supposed to think it’s Richard, as this person fights and kicks against the urinal before giving up the fight, presumed dead. IS RICHARD DEAD?? Nooooo! But why did Foster put the syringe on the cistern – and why is he now dragging the body in the opposite direction. This may or may not have anything to do with anything… but there are many theories. A couple of other things have popped up – maybe it’s Flynn. Maybe it’s Owen (was that suitcase Owen’s and he ripped Darren off with his off-shore betting set-up?), is it actually Richard? Last time we saw him he was wearing brown shoes, this guy’s wearing black ones – did he go home to change his shoes before going to his chambers to hide? And if it is Richard – how did they know he was there.


Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?


Next week is going to kill us all. (Please let the lesbians be happy. Oh and let Richard live, too, if you don’t mind. These recaps are epic enough to write, but it I have to do it while I’m crying and emotionally crushed… well I just can’t even).






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