Eating (Out) With My Ex

New episode of “Eating With My Ex” features one meal, two exes, and some awkward questions.


Via BBC 3


We’re all here for positive lesbian representation on television, but this doesn’t mean that the hard stuff should be ignored. Lesbian couples break up, just like straight couples do, and it sucks.


The 6th episode of a new ten-part series of BBC Three‘s “Eating With My Ex” puts two exes Faye and Sade together in a restaurant to chat over a meal. See it all unfold here!


What happens when one partner wants children and the other does not?


Watch this ex-lesbian couple answer awkward questions like “Would you choose children over me?” and “Was my jealousy and issue?”

Since this episode was filmed, the pair are officially an item again as seen on their joint Instagram @chainsdigitalmedia, and it's back to business as usual (they're filming a web travel show and their first episode shot in Jamaica is out now).


Give it a watch here: 


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