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pronoun Proudly Presents Pride Playlist

Pride month may almost be over. Keep the mood going with this playlist.


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pronoun recently dropped her new track, "wrong" which has got a gorgeously lo-fi, post-punk vibe with pop aesthetics. Think, Paramore meets Julien Baker. The song premiered over on NPR and was written when she found out some weird news about her ex-girlfriend. She elaborated about the track- "For the longest time I was so angry at her, and the news that should have been the final straw actually just made me feel really bad for her which spun me into the weird emotion of how can you feel sorry for someone you "hate". How is that even possible, do other people feel this way?"

Enjoy the list she's curated especially for you. You can also check out her soundcloud here.


Sulene - Strange


Charles Fauna - Abandon


Plastic Picnic - Berkeley


Rén - Give It All Up


Rodes Rollins - Nasty Woman


Glassio - Morning House



Yoke Lore - Only You


TOMI - Every Morning I Feel Like Running Away


Shortly - Spare Time


Sean McVerry - Red Light


Funeral Advantage - C.E.O.T.7.K.


Cape Francis - 5 In The Morning


Henry Nowhere - Don't Care Where


RANN - Vesuvius


Bridgit Mendler - Atlantis

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