OMG, Fauk My Life

An intriguing new queer web series pilot has arrived, and needs your help to get off the ground!


Monique Sypkens, who plays protagonist Amy Fauk. 


If there’s anything we love more than lesbians, it’s lesbians who pun.


This being the case, it’s fair to say that we are already obsessed with new queer web series Fauk My Life, about college freshman Amy Fauk as she and her college basketball teammates navigate their self-discovery while balancing college as students and athletes. 


The series’ creator Stephanie Neroes identifies as a lesbian, her co-producer is bisexual, at least one of the actresses is a lesbian, and one is bisexual.


Web series have become one way of creating the stories that we hope to read and consume ourselves. For Neroes, that correlates to creating a mega-queer show. One character identifies as sexually fluid; one is a closeted lesbian who's having a hard time accepting that truth about herself but eventually comes out; and there are also two characters from the pilot who aren't sure what's going on with themselves. We won’t tell you who is which – you’ll have to watch to find out!


Due to funding constraints, so far only the pilot has been filmed, Neroes reveals, “We're now gearing up pre-production to film the remaining six episodes. I also solely produced, wrote, directed and edited the pilot. It was my first time ever writing, producing directing and I had a blast and am looking forward to continuing this journey with a great group of talent.”


check out the trailer for the pilot! 


Just the pilot alone has many of the things we long for in terms of diverse representation on the small screen. Amy’s parents are a gorgeous biracial couple who are struggling to come to terms with the fact that their daughter will be moving away for college, and Amy herself is a dazzlingly beautiful woman of color (whose hot boyfriend seems pretty gay to us? Time shall tell!). Amy’s bestie Kaitline is a beautiful, funny Greek girl who also loves basketball. Like, what's not to like?


You can view the pilot at


Hopefully that satiates your lezzie web series needs for a little while! And get pumped for the series release – the team behind the show will need your help to get production off the ground, so any donations are highly encouraged at the Fauk My Life crowd funding site – click here to donate! 


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