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The Gender Book

The creators have been drawing, writing, and researching this book for the last 3 years, and now it is in your hands to bring the first edition to life.

Sundays at Café Tabac

Café Tabac was a sexy, artistic and incredibly necessary (gay and) lesbian club night in the East Village that started in the early 90s which celebrated lesbians in a sexy and chic way, attracting their gay male friends too.

Scratching the surface of the story behind new Aussie coming of age lesbian indy film Skin Deep

Sometimes projects take on a life of their own. For writer/actor Monica Zanetti, director Jonnie Leahy and producer Rosie Lourde, their film Skin Deep has done just that

Fund This!: Women and the Word: The Revival Movie

A Kickstarter campaign for Sekiya Dorsett’s documentary on THE REVIVAL poetry tour.

Cat Skin

The story of Cat and April that blurs the boundaries of friendship and relationship to define a love that transcends gender

A New Film About Third Gender

Journey with Lauren Lubin as she pioneers ultimate gender awareness for the LGBT community and herself—transitioning from female to gender neutral.

Help Gay Ugandans Tell Their Story

As upset about the situation in Uganda as we are? Help to make this important film about the struggles of LGBT Ugandans.

Help Support a New Lesbian Film

Ever wanted to produce a film? Now you can. Lesbian filmmaker Nicole Conn has asked for donations to make her newest film a reality.