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Jeanne Cordova, Lesbian Activist And Author, Dies At 67

The activist, author, and pioneer dedicated her life to gay and lesbian rights.

David Bowie: Starman

David Bowie changed so many queer lives.

Celebrating Women of Color Influencers

A new mini-documentary features lesbian power couple, Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills.

The Season of Being Silenced

Lesbian invisibility is highest at the holidays.

Ruby Rose And Phoebe Dahl No Longer Engaged

The duo officially end their relationship.

Same-Sex Couples Ask Florida State To List Both Parents On Birth Certificates

Couples have asked a federal court to order state officials to treat their families equally.

New Campaign Video Focuses On LGBT Rights

Hillary Clinton's new ad prominently features same-sex couples kissing.

Same-Sex Parents Allowed On Arkansas Birth Certificates

State officials are defying recommendations to hold off on issuing amended certificates.

Award-Winning Actress Holland Taylor Comes Out

It's never too late.

New Video Series "The Cost of Exclusion" Highlights Exclusion of LGBTIQ Africans

These three short videos highlight exclusion of LGBTIQ Africans from social, political, and economic spheres.