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Ferron: On Ageing, Our Generation, and Active Compassion (Part Two)

To make something beautiful every day is an act of gratitude.

The LGBT Community Deserves To Hear More From The Pope

We don't need to be 'converted' or 'saved'...

Jesus's Sex Life On The "Down Low"

What really went on in Biblical times? Is there a lot more to Jesus than we think?

New Exhibit Highlights Historical Trans Kids Lit

Tomboys and Trans Kids.

Five Steps To An Easier Pelvic Exam

Taking Care Of All Your Parts Is A Gift To Yourself and Everyone Who Loves You.

The Hip Side Of Hypnosis

Jan Lee CH, RN gives an outline on the process of being hypnotised and how this therapy can have powerful, and positive, effects in our everyday lives

Lessons From A Muslim Lesbian

The outstanding life of Irshad Manji and what we can learn.

Finding Inspiration...

Simple tips as you begin creating your own Wedding Vows

Two Girls, Two Wives, Two Moms

If our relationship were a person it would be Ellen DeGeneres. It’s that lesbian.

“What’s between your legs?” is the New “So, what do you do in bed?”

Transgender in the Media