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Cheers To Equality

We highly recommend Equality Wines, an LGBT, progressive, top quality wine label for toasting the holidays and our equality.

After Trump Won: What This Long-Lived Lesbian Did Next

Our Facebook and Twitter posts were mournful, personal, and deeply useless

Chamique Holdsclaw: Living Her Truth

What makes a champion—from winning on the basketball court to taming a bipolar disorder.

Dark Days For The USA: From Celebration To Despair To Determination (Part 1)

How wonderful it felt to vote for Hillary, the first woman president...

Loving Through Genders Transparently

Changing the world for the better, one compassionate story at a time.

Escape To South Africa On Safari

South Africa is a destination becoming increasingly popular with the LGBTIQ community.

"Would You Date A Bi Woman?"

We asked our lesbian readers.

Riding Motorcycles In Vietnam

Where'd all the girls go?!

Fire In The Rain: The US Elections In Lyrics

Lesbian lyrics illuminate the issues.

Long-Lived Lesbian And Former FBI Agent Rocks Guitar: Susan SurfTone (Part 3)

Having lived this long, I can look back and say, "I really did do that!"
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