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Lesbian Mother Gets Her Kids

SCOTUS rules in favor of adoptive mother in custody battle.

Super Tuesday Blowout For Hillary, Trump

Will America choose inclusion or racism?

Oscars So...Male

What about women at the Academy?

Utah State Senate Considers Adding Protection For LGBT Hate Crimes

The proposed bill was approved in a preliminary hearing.

First Republican Cosponsor Of Equality Act

Rep. Bob Dold of Illinois announced his support.

Jeanne Cordova, Lesbian Activist And Author, Dies At 67

The activist, author, and pioneer dedicated her life to gay and lesbian rights.

As The Year Winds Down, The Presidential Campaign Heats Up

Democratic drama puts Sanders in unwelcome spotlight.

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Alabama's Same-Sex Adoption Ruling

Lesbian mother is overjoyed to be reunited with her three children.

Same-Sex Couples Ask Florida State To List Both Parents On Birth Certificates

Couples have asked a federal court to order state officials to treat their families equally.

Trump Calls For Ban On Muslims

Let's stop pretending it's just Trump.