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Q&A with Robin Roemer

The Autostraddler takes us behind the scenes of their hot 2012 calendar.

Behind the Scenes of the I Love Career Girl Calendar

Lesbian models share their stories of love and lust in the workplace.

Got Your Lesbian Halloween Costume?

How to use your wardrobe to create a last-minute lesbiafied costume.

A Fresh Take on A Lesbian Classic [NSFW]

Juliette Coppens exhibits her L Word inspired paintings.

A Tailored Life

Tips and tricks to tailoring your wardrobe by a well-suited butch.

Dewberries Boutique and Lounge Opens

Check out this hot new lesbian-owned shop in L.A.

Breaking the Bathroom Binary

Alex Smith, a San Francisco-based queer/transgender artist and activist, tells Curve about the "trials and tribulations of a boi's bathroom". His large-scale, oil-on-steel, five-piece series (one shown here) shows us gender-benders how to avoid getting crap in the crapper.

Jess Dobkin Pieces It Together

Provocative lesbian-feminist performance artist extraordinaire Jess Dobkin is a fascinating study in juxtapositions. She is a caring mother of a toddler yet also a lesbian who publicly—and proudly—embraces feminism.

Interview with Chris Carraher, aka Jack Dandy

Chris Carraher, aka Jack Dandy, is an ecological activist and visual artist whose work centers around her home: the vast desert that lies near the mouth of Joshua Tree National park, which Carraher describes as “having one foot in the wilderness and one in civilization.”

A Pink City Protégé

Mademoiselle Kat brings her women to the streets.