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Babylicious Clothing from Little Figs

Lesbian couple Arrin Turnmire and Mary Robinett have created toddler couture for trendy tykes.

The Eyes of Catherine Opie

America’s preeminent lesbian photographer reflects on her identity

Lauren Russell is on a Mission

The Lyon Fine Jewelry Owner and out lesbian makes it her mission to help others.

Q&A with Robin Roemer

The Autostraddler takes us behind the scenes of their hot 2012 calendar.

Behind the Scenes of the I Love Career Girl Calendar

Lesbian models share their stories of love and lust in the workplace.

Got Your Lesbian Halloween Costume?

How to use your wardrobe to create a last-minute lesbiafied costume.

A Fresh Take on A Lesbian Classic [NSFW]

Juliette Coppens exhibits her L Word inspired paintings.

A Tailored Life

Tips and tricks to tailoring your wardrobe by a well-suited butch.

Dewberries Boutique and Lounge Opens

Check out this hot new lesbian-owned shop in L.A.

Breaking the Bathroom Binary

Alex Smith, a San Francisco-based queer/transgender artist and activist, tells Curve about the "trials and tribulations of a boi's bathroom". His large-scale, oil-on-steel, five-piece series (one shown here) shows us gender-benders how to avoid getting crap in the crapper.