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Mary Lambert speaks out about overcoming her struggles with body image, self-doubt, and abuse.

In our Body Issue of Curve we talk to Mary Lambert about life, 'same love', her relationship with femininity and her book '500 Tips for Fat Girls'.

The Ol' Razzle Dazzle by Missy Higgins

If I'm honest, this album should be everyone's unashamed desire.

Get To Know The Cold And Lovely

Hailing from Southern California this all female alt-rock quartet, The Cold and Lovely is a band on the rise in 2014

New Lesbian Music Video Releases: Sami Grisafe’s “Carousel”

“Carousel” is a new lesbian video release that invokes the emotional uncertainty endured when we experience indecisive love. A poignant portrait of an open and simultaneously hidden passion that is certain to grab you and take you on an unforgettable ride

Holly Miranda - The Magician's Private Library

Melding together indie rock and brassy instrumentals, "The Magician's Private Library" takes the listener on a journey through the looking glass into a world of haunted dreams.

Exclusive Stream: Hannah & Maggie - In The Company of Strangers

Stream this LGBT acoustic-folk duo's third full-length album before it releases on February 25th.

The Evolution of Tegan and Sara

The “indie” darlings reach the top and make our hearts throb.

Jen Foster - Everybody’s Girl

Jen Foster has been a long-time independent stalwart proudly using her own Fosterchild Records as the delivery vehicle for her art.

FRIDAY at The Dinah!

The Largest Girl Party Music Festival in the World! White party presented by Curve Magazine. What will you be wearing?

Tegan and Sara – Heartthrob Released January 2013

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