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The Search For Female Desire

Lesbian women have more orgasms than their heterosexual and bisexual counterparts.

How to Break Up with a Lesbian...Once

Efficiency in "Queer Adulting"

The Ultimate Romantic Guide To A Night In

A romantic night that won't break the bank.

Lube Love

Your guide to getting wet.

Mindfully Starting Over

How do we take losses like a break up and turn them into learning experiences?

Meeting The Fockers For The Holidays

How do you navigate the holidays with a new girlfriend? I explore the shift from hanging out with my friends for the holidays to hanging out with my girl’s family.

Your 3 Biggest Questions About Lesbian Dating, Answered

Lesbian dating can be a challenge, but you should know up front that it's not your fault!

Getting Hitched With Wet For Her’s New Double-Ended Dildo

The more-than civil union.

Three Reasons We Ignore Red Flags In Dating

Why do we ignore red flags in relationships? I hit my dating rock bottom and learn about my rose colored glasses.

One drink

How do we move on gracefully after a break up? I go out for the first time after months of heartbreak and discover that graceful or not, moving forward is an adventure.