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Bella Bologna

An American lesbian finds community in Italy.

The Glorious Redundancy of Stockholm Pride

Three days of Pride in progressive gay-friendly Sweden.

The Road to Cairns

Why tuna sandwiches, a rainforest and a hostel make for a perfect Australian getaway.

Beyond Buenos Aires

Beautiful women, spectacular scenery and a weak peso make Argentina the perfect lesbian destination for tough economic times – and there’s a lot more to see than the capital city.

Sweet Cruise Winner Announced

Over 1,600 women entered our Sweet Cruise vacation giveaway last summer. And here's our winner!

Taking Life to the Xtreme

Matty McNair has made a career out of breaking records and setting a new standard for female adventurers.

Out of Africa

Meet Rose Jere, an African safari guide who faced up to doubt and discrimination to get her dream job.

Looking for Lesbians in Puerto Vallarta

Last year Curve got the goods on Vallarta Heat, the newest lesbian week on the block. This year promises to be even hotter.

Bottoms Up With Karen Loftus

Renowned food and drink writer and cocktail connoisseur Karen Loftus mixes it up on a whirlwind worldwide tour of swanky bars, local watering holes and international cocktail competitions.

A Sweet Affair

The founder of a new ecofriendly lesbian cruise line tells us all about the politics of vacation.
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