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Breaking The Ice

Nora Cothren shares what it was like being an out college athlete.

The International Olympic Committee Votes In Favor of LGBT Athletes

Host countries will now have to adhere to nondiscriminatory language written in Olympic charter.

Out and Proud on the Court

Five popular WNBA players who are also out and proud.

The Game Has Changed

Why LGBT athletes have nothing to fear and everything to gain from sponsors.

Rules of the Game

Katie Barnes tells the story of a closeted women’s basketball coach.

Those Are Fighting Words

Fallon Fox responds to Rhonda Rousey’s comments about fighting against transgender women.

Why Should We Know The Name Renee Richards?

Do you know the first transgender athlete to participate in professional sports? It wasn’t Fallon Fox.

Five Incredible Women

Our list for the most influential lesbian athletes of all time!

The WNBA Embraces Its Lesbian Audience

What a difference a decade makes.

The 2014 Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame Inductees

See if your favorite athlete made the cut!