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Anti-Gay Legislation Rejected by Bulgarian Parliament

Criminal punishment for Homosexual Orientation

Russian Roulette

As we count down to the Winter Olympics, pressure escalates on Sochi corporate sponsors as 40 rights groups urge firms to speak out against anti-LGBT violence.

Amnesty: Gays Arrested in 4 Nigerian States

A "witch hunt" for gay people has led to arrests in at least four of Nigeria's 36 states, Amnesty International said Wednesday, blaming a new law criminalizing gay organizations and meetings as well as same-sex marriage

Obama to nominate first black lesbian judge in 20 years

President Barack Obama has already nominated more African-American judges and more LGBT judges than any previous president. On Thursday, he’ll announce the nomination of Staci Michelle Yandle, the first African-American lesbian federal judge he’s picked

Uganda: Stop the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Add your name to the online petition telling the Ugandan President Museveni to veto the Anti-Homosexuality Bill passed by the Ugandan Parliament last month.

Two Decades After Brandon Teena's Murder, a Look Back at Falls City

Eager to come to terms with his department's tragic mishandling of the rape that led to the murder on New Year's Eve in 1993, a small-town sheriff welcomes LGBT-sensitivity training.

Uganda: Anti-Homosexuality Bill must be scrapped

Sochi 2014

Russia intensifies its anti-gay rhetoric when addressing its national audience

Marcum’s LGBT Group Releases Top Tax Planning Tips for Same-Sex Married Couples

DECEMBER 6, 2013 (New York City, NY) – The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Practice group of Marcum LLP, a top national accounting and advisory firm, today released its Top 10 Tax Planning Tips for Legally Married Same-Sex Couples.

CAVP Deeply Concerned About Two Unsolved Homicides

of Transgender Women of Color in the Month of November, 2013; Calls for National Awareness About Crisis of Violence Against Transgender Women of Color