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Out in an Election Year

With the presidential election just a month away lesbians across the nation have to decide who their candidate will be.

Babeland Puts Power to the Pedals

Two sex-educators are riding down the California coast for one for sustainable energy solutions.

The 23rd Annual San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards

A recap of the SF GLAAD Media Awards and why going next year is a must.

Watch: Dr. Susan Love on Realizing She Was Gay

The medical pioneer who's greatly paved the path for breast cancer research and prevention discusses her switch from men to women

Lawless Faces Three Years For Eco-Activism

The Xena star pleads guilty of trespassing for her role in a protest aboard an oil rig, alongside Greenpeace.

The Obama Hangover: He Supports Gay Marriage - Now What?

We finally have some change we can believe in. Does the change equal the hype?

President Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage

In the aftermath of Amendment One passing in North Carolina on Tuesday, President Obama makes history and comes out in support of same-sex marriage.

Queer in Palestine

Lesbian and bisexual Arabs on coming out, keeping secrets and living the audacity of hope.

dot429's Recent StraightTalk Confrence was a Huge Success

dot429, a professional network for the LGBT community, recently hosted a conference in New York City.

Sexually Fluid? Share Your Voice With The World

Are you sexually fluid? Nikki and Jill want to hear your story.