The Beebo Brinker Chronicles - Books 1-5

For an entire generation, The Beebo Brinker Chronicles provided the first representation in literature that they had ever read of women loving women.

Secret Lies – Amy Dunne

Jenny is one of those popular girls who appear to have it all. She is attractive, put together, confident. The other girls want to be her, the boys want to have her. But underneath the false bravado is a mess. She blames herself for the death of her adored Gran, hates what she has made herself into and the never-ending pretence to keep it up. She hates herself to the point of self harm. She has sought help, but that doesn’t stop the feelings, doesn’t stop the pain.

Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin

Written by rising actress and writer Abigail Tarttelin, ‘Golden Boy’ has been deemed a brave and important book.

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine Wilson

Audio Book:This is a good fantasy novel about a young girl growing up in a sisterhood of warriors. There is war, romance, bickering, jealousy, loss, and loyalty

The Left Hand Of Justice by Jess Faraday

In the 1820s on the streets of Paris, Detective Inspector Elise Corbeau must investigate the kidnapping of Hermine Boucher

In Between by Jane Hoppen

A sensitive exploration of the I in LGBTQI

Journey to the Other Side by Lizbian

Sweeping two continents, this period tale begins in 1834 and follows the life and loves of Irish peasant lass Mary O’Connor.

The Golden Icon by Janet Pywell

Lesbian fiction by lesbian authors don’t usually contain a protagonist (Josie) who’s partner is a man, and who at 53, still holds a flame for her one true love – her 90 year old ex-father in law with whom she had an affair 30 years ago…

Tides by Anne Azel

A Fascinating glimpse into recent history

A Very Civil Wedding by V. T. Davy

By chance I came across this engrossing novel where Davy explores in quasi-documentary fashion the possible reaction of the Anglican Church to a royal same-sex wedding of the future queen - no less. The novel is fictionally set in 2013/2014. Alexandra, heir to the throne, politely asks that the Anglican Church considers blessing her upcoming same-sex marriage and all hell, ahem discussion, breaks loose!