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Getting Hitched With Wet For Her’s New Double-Ended Dildo

The more-than civil union.

Three Reasons We Ignore Red Flags In Dating

Why do we ignore red flags in relationships? I hit my dating rock bottom and learn about my rose colored glasses.

One drink

How do we move on gracefully after a break up? I go out for the first time after months of heartbreak and discover that graceful or not, moving forward is an adventure.

When Queer Women Sleep with Straight Men

Sexually fluid field notes

Do You Have a Lesbian Love Addiction?

A new advice author can help you.

Girl Code Breaker

Is girl code a thing? After a friend violates a boundary in the worst way, I examine my own history in breaking girl code.

Girls Have the Softest Skin

A Parisian guide on being a lesbian and how to enjoy it.

Bottoms Up!

Cheers to Anal Sex for Lady Queers.

How My Ex-girlfriends Have Been My Biggest Teachers in Life

It’s easy to blame our exes for our heartache and relationship fails. But what happens if we examine our own role in past relationships? I discover 4 lessons I learned from the greatest teachers I’ve had in life – my ex-girlfriends.

5 Things I Learned from Having a Wild Summer

What happens when life doesn’t turn out the way you want it to? Here I share lessons from how I responded one summer after a period of heartbreak in what I refer to as my wild summer.