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Sorry About All the Drama

The expert fumbles a classic lesbo scenario.

Pining In Portland

Lipstick and Dipstick tackle the age-old lezzie conundrum: 'Is she gay and does she like me'? And help one Portland woman romance her secret crush.

Defensive Dating for Dykes

11 types of toxic women you should avoid.

The Sex Wars

Lipstick and Dipstick's porn related advice caused a ruckus. Now, it's your turn to weigh in.

Should You Forgive Her Infidelity?

What do you do when you catch your girlfriend with her pants down?

Pick Me... But Not Last

Going from an unathletic tyke to an unathletic but well-adjusted dyke.

The Lipstick and Dipstick Show: Sexting

Lipstick & Dipstick help a lesbian couple in Whistler, British Columbia.

The Lipstick and Dipstick Show

L&D tackle the fine line of sexting.

The Lipstick and Dipstick Show: Episode 1

Lip and Dip tackle the issues in their first webisode of their new show!

Run Off to Rio

One hetro-married lesbian in love with another. What to do?