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What Your Sex-Filled Sleep is Telling You.

It's All In Your Dreams!

Sexual Health For Lesbians

How effective are the current sexual health promotion strategies in the United Kingdom for women who have sex with women?

(Dirty) Talk is Cheap

Put your honey where your mouth is.

Find Someone As Unique As You

New queer dating site LGBTQutie offers a more inclusive experience.

Fifty Shades of Gay

Coming out of the kinky closet.

Flaux Jobs

A queer guide to faux fellatio.

Are you ready for a little fun in the sun??

Gay Days is expanding once again, and creating a brand new event in sunny Phoenix Arizona!

Get Rich or Get Off Trying

So you wanna be a Queer Pornstar...

The Life Of Someone Who's Always Been Single And How It Works:

''The Life Of Someone Who's Always Been Single And How It Works'' references personal experiences from coming out by asking Google for a gay quiz, having a roller-coaster type of relationship with a girlfriend, dating straight girls with no attachments and finally ''dating'', and the real meaning of the word, all tied up by friends in couples pressuring singles like me to be in a relationship.

Cruise the Caribbean

Beat the cold! RSVP Vacations, leader in gay and lesbian vacations for 29 years, hosts the largest cruise in their history on the Italian cruise ship, MSC Divina.