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Coming Out Of The Closet...Again

What happens when comedian wives Lacie and Robin come out to corporations?

No, I’m Not Reading your T-shirt…I’m Looking at Your Tits!

Or, Why Can’t Lesbians be Horn Dogs?

Kara's Corner #9

I knew I was butch when...

50 Things Lesbians Say

Have you heard or said any of these classic lezzie comments?

Kara's Corner #8

Sit back and let the ladies come to you!

5 Things I Learned from Having a Wild Summer

What happens when life doesn’t turn out the way you want it to? Here I share lessons from how I responded one summer after a period of heartbreak in what I refer to as my wild summer.

The World According to Lea DeLaria

Listen up, ladies: The outspoken, unflinchingly honest, outrageously talented actor, singer, and comic is at the mic.

I Learned 4 Things From Almost Drowning in Maui

What happens when you nearly drown on vacation? Well, you think about what you learned and realize it’s not all that different from dating, of course.

The Night I Tried Standup Comedy

A budding lesbian comic receives some help from lesbian comedy legends.

Kara's Corner #7

Sally and Sarah and Jemma...Oh my!