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Laugh Track: Karen Williams

Stand-up comic and inspirational speaker, Karen Williams, shares her power with the people (while cracking them up).

Laugh Track: Michele Balan

This upfront New Yorker is a whole lot more than just another ‘lesbian comic.’

Laugh Track: Poppy Champlin

The Queer Queen of Qomedy on her standup sisters and being herself.

Laugh Track: Margaret Cho

The funny lady gets serious about family.

Laugh Track: Jessica Kirson

We talk to the comic about her explosive stage presence.

Laugh Track: Julie Goldman

The fabulous funny lady gets serious about her new projects, The Real L Word and taking on mainstream Hollywood.

Laugh Track: Julie Wheeler

The crooning lesbian comic shares her melodious mirth.

Laugh Track: Vickie Shaw

The lesbian comic extraordinaire talks tech, travel and whether or not to pack your vibrator when you go abroad.

Laugh Track: The That's What She Said Gals on Pet Obsessions

The comedy couple face off on the lesbian pet issue.

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls

Hang onto your hats and get ready to laugh hard. The U.S. theatrical release of The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls is here. Watch the trailer now.