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Kara's Corner #10

The problem with crushing on soccer moms, housewives, and other straight eye candy.

Lacie And Robin: Why Are Vegans So Annoying?

Why do vegans insist on telling everyone about veganism?

Signs You Might Be Codependent

Lacie and Robin run through a few signs that might mean you're codependent.

LGBT Girlfriend Tag

Lacie and Robin compete at girlfriend tag.

If We Had To Have Sex With A Man

What happens when a lesbian couple discusses which man they would have sex with?

Ask A Lesbian Couple 2

Lacie and Robin answer all those questions you've never had a chance to ask!

Recovering From Christmas

A step by step guide.

Wrong Things People Think About Lesbians

Wanna know the things you thought about lesbians that actually aren't true?

6 Ways To Repurpose Donald Trump For The Good Of Humanity

It seems to us that Donald Trump hasn't found his true purpose.

Here Are The Top 10 Things Lesbians Want For Christmas

Dyke-ing the halls