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Lesbian Wedding Websites

If you're recently engaged, or thinking of getting hitched, check out these lesbian-friendly websites.

Lesbian Wedding Etiquette

Fun advice to get you through that special day.

On the Down Low

Why some African American lesbians find it hard to come out to their families and communities.

Confessions of a Doggie Dyke

Classic Curve: Our editor in chief waxes canine.

Coming Out to Your Parents

Try these essential strategies when outing yourself.

In Their Own Words

What do teens think about gender and sexuality? The book Out With It and the film Straightlaced start the conversation.

Youth Activists are the Future

For 10 years GSA Network has been working to fight homophobia in schools, but it’s the youth who are leading the way.

Tales From the Crib

A lesbian couple gets pregnant—at the same time.

Baby Butch

Pregnancy brings out this tough girl’s feminine side.

Lesbian Bridezillas

One married lesbian tries out taffeta and combat boots.